New York: The U.S. market provides important confirmations for the Soave wine

  The U.S. interest in the denomination from the Verona area grows and consolidates. For the next three months, the denomination is engaged in a busy promotional schedule that embraces art, food and fashion. The new promotional campaign for the American market has began and it will have Soave, along with other wines from the Venet [...]

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Promoted by Wine Advocate, the Soave flies to America

Strong from the glowing reviews on Wine Advocate, beginning on Monday December 2nd, Soave returns to the Big Apple with a new promotional mission in collaboration with the Veneto Region Soave scores big on Wine Advocate, the prestigious American magazine dedicated to  wine and recognized worldwide as a benchmark for the sector. In fact [...]

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Harvest 2013: Soave confirms last year’s price quotes

Great is the denomination’s health status according to the Chamber of Commerce’s first quotations and theconomic observatory of the Consortium Great is the Soave denomination’s health status. On the basis of the first quotations for the new harvest, the prices for the Soave DOC are between  € 7.4 and € 8 per hectograd, an important val [...]

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