The first official map that lists Soave vineyards and relates to the Napoleonic civil register of 1816. The vineyard area with Ronco style, in Soave and Monteforte, is still the same that we can see now. This is the first certain document of the birth of this production area. [...]

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During a visit to Verona Johann Wolfgang von Goethe describes the grape harvest and the area of Soave. “The landscape is full of vineyards and ripe grapes on dangling vines. Barrows full of grapes, pulled by oxen, represent the triumph of Bacchus.” [...]

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During the Renaissance the Italian historian and patron Torello Sarayna wrote “it’s a great place for those who live there, that smiles to visitors and produces excellent wines ...”. [...]

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Giovanni Del Sie was the first to define the main features of Soave’s land, formed by volcanic rocks like basalt which make a fertile soil. This wine is unique for its colour, austerity and persistence. [...]

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A Latin engraving of 1375 on the facade of the Courthouse depicts the times when people pressed the grapes with their feet in Soave. [...]

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