Recioto di Soave was the first wine in the Veneto region to obtain “Controlled Designation of Origin and Guaranteed” status, a step above DOC status that gives special recognition to the uniqueness of an Italian wine and its special winemaking traditions. [...]

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Italo Cosmo was the first to zone the wine production areas around Venice. The study documents distinctive characteristics of Soave wines, including the pergola vine-training system, and the specialisation and homogeneity of planting. [...]

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Soave became an official wine growing area and the first official typical Italian white wine under a unified Italy. The boundaries of the Soave Classico area have not changed since. [...]

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Phylloxera and Peronospera caused the uprooting of nearly all of Soave’s vineyards. A decade later nearly all the vineyards were replanted on new rootstock. [...]

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