Soave is in the race for the GIAHS

“Vine-clad hill of Soave”, the first rural landscape of historical interest in Italy, was presented as a candidate at the first international workshop for GIAHS, a globally important agricultural heritage system dedicated to Europe and Central Asia, Designed by FAO. Press Release No. 20/2017 from the Consorzio per la tutela vini Soave [...]

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Soave Preview: the new vintage of Soave on show, with the focus on biodiversity and cru wines

Download here the program   Soave Preview, now in its 10th year - will take place from 18th to 21st May at the  Palazzo del Capitano, in the heart of the little mediaeval town. Biodiversity and the Cru sub-zones are major themes of this edition, and the natural evolution of a project which last year, saw the Soave region’s officia [...]

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Soave Crus wow London, transform perceptions of Soave

A trade event featuring Soave Cru wines in London last month was hailed as ‘Landmark’ and ‘Ground breaking’ by leading British wine influencers. The Soave Revealed tasting and masterclass was devised by Aldo Lorenzoni’s team at the Soave Consorzio in partnership with UK Master of Wine, Sarah Abbott. The objective of the event was to co [...]

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Soave Preview: wine & street food experience

Soave Preview May 20-21 2017 Palazzo del Capitano – Soave Please share your Soave experience with us on Facebook and Instagram: #sharesoave         #soavewine   @SoaveWine The Consortium of Soave celebrates the 10th anniversary of its Soave Preview at the Palazzo del Capitano, located in the medieval town’s center. The Soave Preview be [...]

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Vinitaly: Soave, a slow revolution

Vinitaly 2017 April 9th to 12th Pad 5 G 4-7 #sharesoave         #soavewine     @SoaveWine Measuring Biodiversity in the vineyards; the beauty of the vine-clad hills of Soave, a historic rural heritage, the wine markets in Asia, North America, and Northern Europe; applying neuro marketing to win over consumers; climate change: these are [...]

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Soave launches UK Campaign

The region of Soave will be given a boost in the UK with a trade and consumer campaign, fronted by Sarah Abbott MW and supported by trade and consumer PR activity. Sarah Abbott comments: “Today, Soave makes some of the great white wines of Italy. The region has a nuanced terroir with outstanding quality potential that is fully expresse [...]

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Management of the doc and a regular growing season: high expectations for the 2016 harvest

A growing season in the norm, and the broad fluctuation in daily temperatures the last weeks of August accompanied by frequent rainfalls, after over six weeks of dry weather, have prompted a widely shared opinion that 2016 will be a very good harvest. A quality that is further sustained by the foresight demonstrated in recent policymak [...]

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Soave at the third International Conference on Terraced Landscapes

From the 6th to the 15th of October, the Consortium will take part in this prestigious international conference to discuss the heroic viticulture on the terraced hills of Soave and a radical change of vision in man’s role as central to maintaining biodiversity and landscape conservation.    Soave, Verona - ITALY. From the Tolentin [...]

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The vine-clad hills of Soave: a new IUAV research project

This year a new research has been commissioned, the Soave Smart Wine Garden, to be conducted by the Venetian university, as a natural continuation of their primary study which ultimately led to the Italian Ministry’s recognition of Soave as the first rural landscape of historic interest in Italy.    "Soave Smart Wine Garden" is the tit [...]

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Prowein: enoteca Soave!

The Soave Consortium has redesigned its stand, which has been transformed into a sleek, self-service wine bar with sommelier staff for a relaxing exploration of the varied interpretations of Soave wines. Historic vineyards, minerality, young producers are the themes that will be explored in separate itinerant tastings among winery boot [...]

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