The “Soave Identity Project” is underway to launch onto the markets

The reduction in yields per hectare to achieve greater competitiveness was unanimously approved by the Consortium. With the increase to 30% of checks by the SIQURIA certification body, Soave ranks among the leading DOCs in Italy in terms of number of site inspections. Attention to the environment, strong responsibility of the productio [...]

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SOAVE MULTIVERSE 2022 3–5 September Palazzo del Capitano Soave

What is the Soave we want? Young, beautiful and smart! These three keywords, almost a slogan, summarise three concepts rich in meaning that have come together in the Soave Programmatic Manifesto, the document presented officially at the opening of Soave MultiVerse, the new format designed by the Soave Consortium to convey the qualitati [...]

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Igor Gladich, the new director of the Soave Consortium

Igor Gladich, the new director of the Soave Consortium The objectives on the table include the qualitative development of the DOC and the dissemination of the values associated with sustainability and protecting the landscape. Communication will play a key role. As of today, Igor Gladich is the new director of the Soave Consortium. Gla [...]

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