2018 vintage has been very peculiar, with tempe- ratures slightly above the average.

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The 2017 vintage can be described as one of the most complex and difficult to manage in at least 30 years.

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Winter 2015/2016 had a low rainfall rate, except of February.

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The winter of 2014/2015, with its mild temperatures, did not allow the vines to rest completely, so that the vines were a bit sluggish in starting their new vegetative cycle in the spring.

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As elsewhere in parts of Italy, Soave's 2014 vintage will be remembered as one of the most difficult, for its abnormal climatic conditions.

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The seasonal pattern in 2013 was marked by a rather dry winter, not particularly cold but prolonged, that was followed by a spring of exceptional rainfall and with temperatures well below average.

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The seasonal pattern was characterized by a dry, very cold, and prolonged winter which was followed by a cool and very rainy spring, with temperatures slightly below the average.

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After a rainy and prolonged winter, there was an early and warm spring with temperatures above the seasonal average.

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Balance was the key word that characterized the 2010 harvest for the grapes of Soave.

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The 2009 harvest season was characterized by three distinct phases.

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