The 2008 season will be remembered as one of the most regular among the few previous years, with temperatures in line with the average for the period and with a moderate and regular rainfall pattern.

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After a mild and dry winter (the warmest in the last fifty years), the spring was hot, with temperatures above the seasonal average, and dry.

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After a difficult start to the 2006 season for the Garganega was among the best in recent years.

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After a winter with temperatures and precipitations higher than the average of recent years, the spring saw a lack of rainfall although the precipitations were regularly distributed in time.

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The low temperatures of the 2004 season and the continuous rainfall in the spring delayed initially the vegetative development of the Garganega.

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In the season 2003 was recorded, as in the previous few years, an early begin of all the vegetative stages (8/10 days in advance).

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The absence of precipitations that accompanied most of the winter season created problems of drought in some areas.

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The year 2001 recorded a significant early start in all vegetative stages for the Soave.

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High temperatures and heavy rains in April led to a rapid development of the vines, while more temperate climate and the absence of significant rains in May and June resulted in a good early start of the season.

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The budding of the vines was anticipated and very smooth; later the flowering and fruit-set stages took place in good conditions premising an abundant vintage.

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