The Soave Consortium has redesigned its stand, which has been transformed into a sleek, self-service wine bar with sommelier staff for a relaxing exploration of the varied interpretations of Soave wines.

Historic vineyards, minerality, young producers are the themes that will be explored in separate itinerant tastings among winery booths, dedicated to the press and trade.


A spacious, self-service wine bar will reveal the infinite nuances of Soave. This is how the Soave Consortium has chosen to present the appellation from the 19th to the 21 of March at Prowein in Dusselfdorf (Hall 15 C41). The German and Northeastern European markets have always been strategic for Soave, and confirm that it remains one of the most significant Italian appellations for its excellent value and affordability.


Wine labels on display, bottles in the forefront and information on demand. The Consortium has chosen these elements in an essential, direct approach to presenting Soave’s wines at Prowein 2017. The press and trade will be free to explore at their leisure, with expert sommeliers and staff available to answer questions and offer insight.


Historic vineyards, minerality, and young producers are the dominant themes chosen to  focus on with the press and trade in itinerant guided wine tastings among the wineries’ booths.


On Saturday March 19th, the eve of Prowein, Soave kicks off at the Big Bottle party, organized by the Falstaff magazine from 4:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m., at the Boui Boui Bilk, Suibertusstrasse 149 di Düsseldorf. This very exclusive event is limited to around one hundred selected producers who will have a first-hand opportunity to meet buyers and industry professionals.


Sunday March 19th at 11:00 a.m., is the first tasting, “Small estates, big terroir: winemaking styles and soil diversity in the Soave region”, a novel “wine tour” conducted by Veronika Crecelius from Weinwirtschaft. She will accompany participants on a discovery of the participating wineries’ stands, highlighting the relationship between the winemaking styles and the plurality of soils that characterise the Soave doc.


On Sunday afternoon at 3 p.m.,Soave Next generation”, Fabio Piccoli, director of Wine Meridian will hold a tour dedicated to Soave’s young winemakers.

Monday March 20th at 11:00 a.m. the itinerant tasting format continues with “The faces of Soave: diverse cru wines, young or aged“, conducted also by Veronica Crecelius.

At 3 p.m., Wine Meridian’s Director Fabio Piccoli returns for the second “Soave Next generation” tasting tour.


Tuesday March 21st at 12.00 p.m., Merum’s Soave selection – Minerality vs Salinity”, the final itinerant tasting, curated by Italian wine expert Andrea Marz.


“Prowein opens a particularly important trade show season for Soave’s wineries, because after Germany, they will be busy with Vinitaly and then at VinExpo in Bordeaux” , explains Aldo Lorenzoni, the Consortium Director. He continues, “An attentiveness to the local market and a strong emphasis on export, are the two commercial trends that emerge in 2017, starting from the German market which is showing strong and is attentive to Soave both as a wine, and a wine tourism destination.”


This year Prowein represents a great occasion for Soave’s producers to gather first impressions of the promising 2016 vintage from press and trade.


Germany remains an important market, with a positive trend in both volume and value: there are in fact over 40 million bottles of Veneto white wines consumed annually, of which Soave holds an important share. Production has in fact remained quite stable despite a difficult market.

The German consumer while remaining very sensitive to value for money, is also increasingly attentive to wines produced with low environmental impact.

There is much more to come during the upcoming Vinitaly at the Soave Consortium  stand,, Pad 5 G4 / 7, in Verona from April 9th to 12th 2017.