From the importance of an uncontaminated landscape to the pleasure of conviviality, from the taste for slowness to the attention to Additional Geographic Units. These are some of the distinctive elements of Vinitaly 2024, presented by the Consorzio del Soave, with a special focus on the world of Veronese cuisine. Wine remains the main protagonist thanks to the “Enoteca del Soave”: a single large space, with labels on display and information readily available thanks to convenient QR codes.



Soave, April 10, 2014 – “Life is Soave“! Telling the world how life can be Soave, starting from the city of Verona itself. This is the focus with which the Consorzio del Soave has chosen to present itself at Vinitaly 2024 and share its story with industry professionals, wine enthusiasts, and visitors who will enter Vinitaly from April 14 to 17, now in its 56th edition.

“Life is Soave” thus becomes a synthesis of deeply meaningful concepts such as the pleasure of drinking a great quality wine, the value of an uncontaminated landscape, the joy of conviviality, and the taste for slowness.

It is the exaltation of a conscious approach towards a unique heritage that the producers of Soave have inherited from past generations and are committed to preserving for years to come.

Verona, given its vocation for international tourism, becomes the ideal place for this engaging narrative.

During Vinitaly, the Consortium will present its new “Soave Divine Aperitif” in collaboration with the trendiest venues in the city, a young and dynamic format that aims to present Soave in a decidedly popular light from May to October in Verona.

There will also be discussions about the Rural Landscape of Historical Interest (PRIS) and GIAHS – FAO, Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems. There will be ample space for the Additional Geographic Units (UGA) and meetings with foreign buyers, which will take place in the ICE area this year. There will also be moments dedicated to tasting and pairing, designed for enthusiasts and wine lovers in collaboration with Veronese restaurateurs. Finally, “Enoteca del Soave” will offer the opportunity to taste all the Soave wines available, narrated by experts and sommeliers at the tasting counter.


Sunday, April 14 – 12:00 p.m. – Hall 5 G4/6

“Soave Divine Aperitif”

The Consorzio del Soave presents the new format “Soave Divine Aperitif,” a widespread event created in partnership with the Hostaria Verona association to tell the story of Soave wine in a popular way to the people of Verona and tourists who will fill the city during the summer season, in collaboration with the Veronese catering world.

“Life is Soave” will be the underlying message that all those who take part in these aperitifs organized in the trendiest venues of Verona will take home. During these events, amidst tastings of typical flavors and live music, the producers themselves will be able to tell the story of their wine.

“We are deeply connected to the city of Verona – emphasizes Cristian Ridolfi, president of the Consorzio del Soave – and we are well aware of the strategic role that Veronese restaurateurs play when it comes to telling the story of a wine and its production area. We intend to strengthen this bond even further in the near future: Soave is, first and foremost, Verona’s white wine.”

Cristian Ridolfi, president of the Consorzio di Tutela Vini del Soave, Enrico Garnero of the Hostaria Verona Association, together with representatives of the venues involved in the project, will discuss it.


Monday, April 15, 11:00 a.m. – MASAF Space

Historical and Heroic Viticulture: Challenges and Opportunities


The Vine-Covered Hills of Soave, as a member of the Association of Rural Landscapes of Historical Interest, PRIS, will be actively involved in the meeting to be held at the Ministry of Agriculture, Food Sovereignty, and Forests stand entitled “Historical and Heroic Viticulture: Challenges and Opportunities.” Representatives of the 12 production areas enrolled in the PRIS association will participate. The landscapes included in this register represent examples of sustainable agriculture and testify to the harmonious interrelationship between man and nature based on reciprocity, capable of driving local economic development.

The Minister of Agriculture, Francesco Lollobrigida, is expected to participate.


Monday, April 15 – 3:00 p.m. – Hall 5 G4/6

An Opportunity Called GIAHS: Soave and the Olive Belt of Assisi-Spoleto

The Vine-Covered Hills of Soave and the Olive Belt of Assisi-Spoleto are the only two Italian GIAHS sites recognized by FAO as Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems. These sites promote sustainable agriculture, far from industrial processes, and maintain a close relationship between landscape, local products, and associated rural communities. This path introduces a radical change in perspective, placing man at the center of the agricultural context, not as a subject that disturbs the existing ecosystem with intensive agriculture, but rather as the main agent in maintaining biodiversity and landscape conservation. The discussion will involve Cristian Ridolfi, president of the Consorzio Tutela Vini del Soave; Isabella Burganti, councilor for Culture and Tourism in the Municipality of Terni (PG); Mauro Agnoletti, University of Florence.


Every day – 12:00 p.m. – Hall 5 G4/6

Soave Divine Aperitif

Soave wine immediately captivates when tasted young, but it can truly amaze if one has the patience to let it evolve for a few years in the bottle. Hence the idea of ​​presenting, during the four days of Vinitaly, a sort of preview of what will be the “Soave Divine Aperitif,” an info-didactic aperitif, dedicated to enthusiasts and wine lovers who wish to approach Soave in a relaxed and informal manner. Every day at the consortium’s stand, at 12:00 p.m., Soave will be presented in this double perspective and will be paired with cicchetti and delicious snacks from four trendy venues in the city: A.M.E.N., Alma bar, Dal Medico, Il Localino, the same venues that will host evenings dedicated to the great Veronese white wine during the summer months. Modern reinterpretations of the flavors of Veronese cuisine paired with fresh and mature Soave.

Every day from 12:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m. until seats are available.



The Additional Geographic Units of Soave

The 33 Additional Geographic Units (UGA) of Soave will once again be in the spotlight at the Consortium’s stand during this year’s Vinitaly. The UGA of Soave encompass the four soils of the Soave area, from the limestone substrates of Mezzane, Val d’Illasi, and Soave, to the volcanic soils of Val d’Alpone, representing only 38% of the vineyard area of Soave and only in the hilly area. They emphasize the different expressions of Soave wines, which result from the combination of soil, altitude, climate influence, and are enhanced by the style and technique of each winery. They are renowned areas where the resulting wines can evolve over time, becoming versatile and surprising.

Market Objective – Focus on Foreign Buyers

Distances are eliminated between international buyers and Soave producers. At the ICE space on Monday, April 15, from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m., Soave producers who have made a request will have the opportunity to meet foreign importers and buyers and let them taste their own interpretation of Soave.


The “Enoteca del Soave” is always active

What does a buyer with a packed schedule of appointments and dozens of stands to visit during a trade fair want? To find the wine they were looking for as quickly as possible. Thus, the Enoteca del Soave, the solution devised by the Consorzio del Soave to help industry professionals find the wine they were looking for: labels on display, bottles in the foreground, information readily available thanks to QR codes. A quick glance at all the productions followed by the equally easy opportunity to taste all the references present professionally. Objective: to eliminate time and space between buyers and producers.

A “get closer” system to tell the Soave story, in its numerous interpretations, to journalists, industry professionals, and enthusiasts who can taste freely and comfortably, with the assistance of experts and sommeliers ready to answer their questions. Every day at the Consortium’s stand.



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