Vinitaly 2017
April 9th to 12th
Pad 5 G 4-7

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Measuring Biodiversity in the vineyards; the beauty of the vine-clad hills of Soave, a historic rural heritage, the wine markets in Asia, North America, and Northern Europe; applying neuro marketing to win over consumers; climate change: these are some current projects which the Consortium of Soave will present to visitors at Vinitaly 2017. Wine remains front and center with the Soave Enoteca: visitors can get an overview of Soave Cru wines, a perfect liaison between buyers and producers. A staff of sommeliers will be available to answer questions.   

Soave, Verona – A slow and steady revolution can be felt in the hills of Soave, and today, is ready to be shared in its multiple declinations at Vinitaly from April 9th to 12th in Verona.

Pure, essential, true.  This is Soave 2017 (Pad 5 G 4-7)  ready to receive buyers, journalists and wine enthusiasts during the four days of the 51st edition of Vinitaly.  After more than ten years of intense research in the vineyards and wineries of the appellation, Soave has reached an equilibrium, and has set the stage for new growth.  A plurality of styles, a mosaic of soils, and excellent cru wines have taken hold in the hills of Soave.  A new generation of winemakers is pioneering new paths to reach markets around the world. The long-running study of the effects of climate change in the vineyards is preparing our producers to successfully face the challenges of hotter and drier growing seasons. Soave as wine, and as a place of historic beauty where the sustainability of man and his ecosystem are equally fundamental and intertwined.  And it is in our historic vineyards, where biodiversity is at its finest, that we return, to find the sustainable models needed to move forward slowly but surely, with incremental and scientifically measurable improvements.

Alongside the theme of sustainability and biodiversity in the Soave landscape,  there will be an exploration of: Soave through augmented reality (to be introduced during special  tastings), neuromarketing, trade opportunities in emerging markets, climate change, the simplification of procedures and the passage to on-line registries.

Last but certainly not least is the Soave Enoteca.  A large and carefully curated selection of wines, which express the many nuances of Soave over diverse vintages, are united in a well organised Enoteca, where trade and journalists can easily orient themselves in their selection of producer’s stands. This is an experience that has already been well received at other important trade shows by both visitors and producers. Wines can be tasted in total liberty, with experts and sommeliers on hand to answer questions.


Here is the full program of Soave at Vinitaly 2017.

Sunday April 9th

5:00 p.m. The sustainable beauty of Soave: How to measure landscape and biodiversity

Vie Verdi” –  A green path which ultimately reaches every corner of Soave through a single, strategic factor: biodiversity. This is the new frontier that Soave has been working on within a long-running broader project set to protect and to promote Soave’s historic landscapes. Biodiversity becomes the “thermometer” to measure the health of vineyards, soil, vegetation, starting from an analysis of the variety and quantity of the insect population. Sentinels of the state of health, guidelines and education to make incremental and measurable improvements, impact the quality of the wines, the landscape, and the well-being of the entire community.  Aldo Lorenzoni – Soave Consortium Director, Gianfranco Caoduro – World Biodivesrity Association, Maurizio Gily (@mauriziogily) – journalist, Crisafina Geronta – IUAV Venice researcher. Tasting  curated by Chiara Mattiello, sommelier.

Experiencing Soave through augmented reality: a new taste of terroir – presented daily
The slow revolution begins in the vineyards and continues in an exploration of the technologies, tools and techniques that can positively impact Soave. For the first time, the Soave Consortium has paired up with Artglass, a company specialized in augmented reality for the arts, to test how it can be used effectively in wine tasting to heighten the sensorial experience. To participate, sign up at the Consortium stand. You will be given special glasses to wear during a tasting that goes far beyond the usual observation of the wine in the glass.

Enoteca Soave – every day for the duration of Vinitaly
What does a busy buyer or journalist wish for when visiting a trade show with dozens of stands to visit for so many wine regions? To find the wines they’re looking for quickly and efficiently. This is the reasoning behind the Soave Enoteca. Wines from all producers are lined up according to vintage, and information is immediately available. At a glance, the visitor has an overview, and  can easily pace the tastings. The Enoteca format is also a great way for wine enthusiasts to familiarise themselves with the Soave appellation and flirt with the many nuances of its wines. Experts and sommeliers are on hand to provide information. Every day at the Consortium stand.

Monday April 10th

10:00 a.m.– Market objectives
Eliminating the distances between international buyers and Soave producers. This will be an appointment focused on export opportunities in Asia, North America and Northern Europe. Each producer will have the occasion to meet importers and to present their 2016 vintage wines. This is a service aimed at producers that the Consortium has strongly sponsored in collaboration with Verona Fiere and ICE.

3:00 p.m. Soave Eye tracker: neuro-marketing applied to wine labels  How much does a label count when choosing a wine?  How much does impulse buying weigh compared to a real knowledge of the wine brand?  The label says much more about a wine, but above all, in some cases can determine its success or outsell a competitor. Is it only a question of aesthetics? Matteo Sgaravato (@matteosgaravato), from Sgaravato srl, after a rapid introduction to the technical aspects of neuro cognitive observation applied to packaging, will invite volunteers from the audience to participate in a “Soave Eye Tracker” test to “see” the impulses that the brain generates while scanning labels and packaging. Lucia Vesentini (@LuciaVesentini), journalist moderates.

Tuesday April 11th

1:30 p.m.
Climate change and the state of the vineyards How much can climate change influence the production of quality wines? What are the scenarios that we can expect and what needs to be done to adapt?  There will be a discussion concerning vineyards, seasons and forms of vine training to understand how a changing climate will influence the future of viticulture. The appointment, in collaboration with the weekly publication, L’Informatore Agrario, will be with Luigino Bertolazzi President of Assoenologi Veneto OCP  and Alessandro Brizi (@AlexBrizi), journalist.

To be followed by, Under the sign of the Pergola: presentation of Soave Preview 2017, with Maurizio Gily, journalist.

Wednesday April 12th

10:00 a.m.
The rules of play: wine between simplification and “dematerialisation”  With the recent passage of the “Testo Unico sul Vino” (new regulatory standards for wine), the sector should benefit from simplified regulations, leaner procedures and an overall improvement in business practices. There are many advantages, but not everyone benefits. Speakers: Gaetano Pascale, President of Slow Food Italia, Gianluca Fregolent, ICQRF, Marinella  Camerani, Comitato dei 200, Guido Giacometti, director of  Siquria, Maurizio Gily Agronomist, Director of  Moderator:  Sandro Capitani, Radio Rai 1.