For many, the natural drink of choice with sushi is sake or perhaps a Japanese beer, much like we’d naturally pair a crostino with Venetian style baccalà mantecato with a glass of Soave. The Soave Consortium and producers have been traveling to Japan annually for the Soave by the Glass promotion at bars and restaurants across the country. We’re seeing a willingness to experiment  great wines with sushi in the country’s best restaurants.
We  spoke with some of the local chefs. Generally, a fatty fish needs a wine with more acidity, while a leaner fish does well with a softer, more rounded wine. We began with a fatty tuna sashimi and served it with a Soave from basaltic soils, with an amazing tension on the palate, able to cut through the richly textured tuna. A yellowfin tuna on the other hand loves the softer freshness of a Soave Classico from the historic cru of Castelcerino where limestone meets the basalts, a synthesis of everything that makes Soave one of Italy’s finest white wines.
Soave will be back in Japan this coming June to toast the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo. Kampai!!