With less than a month to harvest, the data from the first samplings of grapes is more than positive. A cool and wet spring slowed the first phenological phases of the vines and created a crucial reserve of water. During the summer, hot and sunny weather was punctuated by regular intervals of average precipitations. Thus, drought has been avoided and acidity levels have remained high. So far, the vintage shows every sign of high quality, especially in the hillside vineyards.

To maintain a balanced production and to meet the objective to increase the value of the bottled wines, the assembly of associates at the Soave Consortium has chosen prudently to reduce the yields for the 2021 harvest. The DOC yields will drop from 150 quintals/hectare for the DOC to 130 quintals/hectare (-13%).  The yield reductions for the Classic and Colli Scaligeri zones are contained: from 140 quintals/hectare to 130 quintals/hectare (-7%) . However, exceptions to this decision will be given to companies that in the last two years have not loaded Soave beyond the set limit. And for certified organic companies, the limit remains at 140 quintals/hectare, to show concrete support for sustainability in the vineyard.

The decision taken ensures, on the one hand, the income of agricultural enterprises and, on the other, the stability of the price system.

“A choice that is shared and was taken after hearing all parties – declares the President of the Consortium Sandro Gini – the current year is showing signs of recovery, but there are still many uncertainties and this requires acting with caution. Therefore, the choice, in addition to ensuring the correct contribution of Soave to the market, will also ensure excellent quality thanks to a particularly favorable year “.