Soave terroir has come to life thanks to the faces of Soave’s producers set against the stunning backdrop of the denomination’s landscapes. The video production that lasted 6 months was curated and produced by Chiara Mattiello and Michele Lorenzoni. The scope of the project has been to characterise the high quality production from land to wine through the faces and hands of the people in contact with the vineyards and winemaking every day.  

The 34 companies involved in the production are: Cantina di Soave, Coffele, Corte Adami, Pasqua, Portinari, Roccolo Grassi, Canoso, Inama, Le Battistelle, Suavia, Cantina di Monteforte, Bolla, TESSARI, I Stefanini, Guerrieri Rizzardi, Zambon, Casarotto, Montetondo , Gini, Tenuta Solar, El Vegro, Le Mandolare, Marco Mosconi, Cantina del Castello, GianniTessari, Corte Mainente, Balestri Valda, Tommasi, Nardello, Corte Moschina, Corte Giacobbe, Tenuta Grimani, Franchetto, Fattori.

After a successful launch of the Geographic Unit labelling in 2019, many other wineries and labels will be joining those already on the market.  In fact, 361 hectares have been claimed as Geographical Units in 2020 compared to 270 in the 2019 vintage. The same has been seen in the total number of Geographic Units which has jumped from 24 in 2019 to 28 in 2020. The total number of bottles that can potentially be produced under the new upper tier Geographic Units classification reaches five million: a sufficient economy of scale to become viable and competitive on the market for limited production, niche wines. 

The video project will now be entrusted to Brand Ambassadors who will broadcast them across their social media channels in some of the key export markets for Soave wines, where today, 75% of Soave’s production is exported. Chiara Giannotti will represent the strategic Italian market, and Anton Moiseenko was the natural choice for the Russian market. Other target countries involved are Germany, Sweden, Holland, China, Japan and Canada.

“The Geographic Units are a new chapter in our history – says Sandro Gini, President of the Soave Consortium – the videos capture the story of our products and allow you to see in a simple and immediate way how much beauty and how much diversity exists among our Geographical Units. In the future, the aim is to create a production protocol for the Geographical Units that can raise them from a qualitative point of view. ”