Soave’s new promotional campaign dedicated to the United States is at the starting line this June. Planned stops are in New York, San Francisco, Boston, Chicago.

The new promotional campaign dedicated to the Soave Wine is called 2014 Sensational Soave Master Class Series and will begin in the United States on June 16th, 2014.

There are two phases: One in early summer with events planned in New York and San Francisco (June 16th to the 18th); and one in the fall, with events scheduled in Chicago and Boston.

The new promotional strategy, developed in close collaboration with Evan Goldstein, a successful American Master Sommelier and wine educator, and the agency Full Circle Wine Solutions, entails targeted tastings, aimed at increasing the knowledge of Soave as a classic Italian white wine.

The events will include master classes, selective and by invitation only, and will be reserved to the wine trade and press: a very specific target audience who will taste the different interpretations of Soave and observe the features ​​that characterize it in the international wine scene.

The ultimate goal of this program is to create awareness of the Soave wine among consumers, expand the range of Soave wines in the distribution channels, and enhance product attractiveness.

“American consumers,” said Aldo Lorenzoni, director of the Consortium, “maintain a constant attention towards this wine that is more and more synonymous of the Italian style in the world. With this new promotional campaign we aim to continue what we have carried out hitherto on the promotional front, both with importers and distributors, and in relation to the final consumer.”

For the fifth consecutive year, the Consortium and the Soave wine producers engage in a targeted promotional strategy in the U.S., the third market for the appellation after Germany and Britain. In 2013, € 2,500,000 were invested in this market for pre-competitive and competitive actions. This amount will be reached as well for the current year, while the budget for the promotion activities of 2015 is still TBD.

The Consortium’s Economic Observatory reports that in May 2014, sales trends are aligned with the previous year’s trends. Soave DOC stands out at the top of the list with a production of 23.3 million bottles as of May 30th, 2014, followed closely by Soave Classico that stands at 6,500,000 bottles. The yearly total is projected to reach 56,000,000 bottles.