A Soave world: around the world in 80 minutes

Foreign markets in comparison during the event on Tuesday, April 7 at  2.00 pm in an 80-minute virtual tour that went around the world.

Aided by its winning quality and value ratio, the Soave is now fast growing in emerging markets and confirms itself as an increasingly sought after and appreciated wine abroad.

It remains essential to understand trends and market opportunities in those markets which until recently were considered distant.

The first part of the meeting, which is dedicated to Asia, featured, for the Japanese market, the participation of Shigeru Hayashi, a specialized journalist and president of Eataly Tokyo and, for the Chinese market, Armando Tschang, Agency for China, along with Federica Sterpone of Wellcom.

The second part of the meeting was dedicated to the markets of Central and South America and was hosted by Chalie Arturaola, sommelier and wine educator.