As the Director of Cantina Santi, Ridolfi was unanimously elected by the new board of directors of the consortium. He succeeds Sandro Gini, who chaired the consortium for two consecutive terms.

Soave, April 3th, 2024 – Cristian Ridolfi, director of Cantina Santi, is the new president of the Soave Consortium. Ridolfi, unanimously elected by the board of directors meeting in Soave few days ago, succeeds Sandro Gini, a historic figure in the world of Soave, who chaired the consortium for two consecutive terms starting in 2018.
Born in Verona in 1971, Cristian Ridolfi graduated in viticulture and enology from the Agricultural Institute of Conegliano. He has acquired skills and experience over many years of passionate work in some of the most prestigious wineries in the Verona area. Over the years, he has been able to deepen his understanding of the terroir peculiarities that characterize the entire Verona area, one of the most renowned in Italy for the production of excellent wines. He has developed a great expertise in denominations, gaining a profound knowledge of the history of individual terroirs, their distinguishing slopes, and the grape varieties traditionally cultivated there.
“Soave is a denomination that I have always held dear,” says Cristian Ridolfi, the newly elected president. “I am honored to represent this excellent white wine, a symbol of Italy in the world. The Soave denomination has many stories to tell, starting from the beauty of its landscape and continuing with the undisputed quality of its productions. The men and women who cultivate these lands with passion every day are the first witnesses and creators of this all-Italian wonder that I will have the honor to represent from today.”

The Soave Wine Protection Consortium was established in 1970 and includes wineries, grape growers, bottlers, and cooperatives. The denomination, recognized by Royal Decree in 1931, is one of the oldest in Italy and covers approximately 7,000 hectares of vineyards in 13 municipalities located in the Eastern Verona area. Currently, around ninety companies are associated with the Consortium, which, with a representativeness approaching 90%, is responsible for the protection, promotion, enhancement of the denomination, and oversight.