In the spirit of cooperation that has always defined Soave, the producers have united in force to back the Soave Consortium’s promotional campaign, Dream Verona & Drink Soave.

2020 delivered a massive blow to the world of wine, but the Soave system has moved quickly to organize a multi-channel promotional campaign with a single aim: to exalt the bond between Verona and Soave as a destination for tourists and as a location for the production of a white wine that is an historical symbol of Italian wine.

The campaign will include the Italian market which represents 15% of sales, as well as Japan and Canada. The Consorzio has dedicated a special section to its website,, where participating wineries can present themselves with a short video, and where information is available about how customers can order directly for delivery anywhere in Italy.

The producers are busy conducting live tastings with journalists and trade, while every Thursday, the Consorzio goes live on Instagram @soavewine with wine influencers and journalists from around the world to keep producers afloat of marketing trends, international wine markets and business opportunities.

Over the next few months, the messaging of the Consortium will rotate around the newly introduced Geographical Units, the longevity of Soave wines, the small and large producers and a rural landscape that has retained its beauty and charm over centuries. The communication will be inclusive, and take into account not just wine but all the players involved in local tourism. And from a more academic perspective, Soave will continue its focus on R&D and its role as a GIAHS site within the United Nation’s FAO.

“The relationship between Some and the city of Verona has always been tight-knit”, explains Aldo Lorenzoni, Soave Consortium Director, – “and in this moment to communicate the beauty of this area is key to traveling with the mind, maybe sipping a glass of Soave somewhere around the world. So we imagined a communication that won’t be limited to these few months, but instead imagine this as a launch pad for initiatives, such as Soave Versus that will still be held but not in the same form as the last twenty years. We have had to reinvent our ways of doing promotion and communication but think we are headed down the right path.