Great is the denomination’s health status according to the Chamber of Commerce’s first quotations and theconomic observatory of the Consortium

Great is the Soave denomination’s health status. On the basis of the first quotations for the new harvest, the prices for the Soave DOC are between  € 7.4 and € 8 per hectograd, an important value and among the highest in the history of the doc.

Pending the official data, according to the economic observatory of the Consortium last year’s overall production amounts to nearly 450,000 hectoliters, a figure perfectly in line with expectations also in the light of the forthcoming application, from January 1, 2014, of the state bands on bottle across the denomination.

The introduction of the state band is already producing the first important results. Orders for the new campaign are significantly on the rise, a trend now estimated to be at more than 15% value that, if confirmed in the long term, would prove the goodness of the producers’ choice.


“These data – said Aldo Lorenzoni, director of the Soave Consortium – highlight the important management work that has been bone on the denomination, especially in a year like 2013, which from the point of view of climate could have caused some surprises for the producers. A harvest season which instead turned out to be very good from a qualitative point of view, thanks to a September which for temperature and precipitations was perfect for late-ripening white grape varieties such the Garganega”

On the consumption front, the certified data for the first nine months of 2013, projects a volume of bottled Soave of over the 435,000 hectoliters on annual basis, a significant finding because in steady growth, although slight, for over three years.

Good news regarding the Soave Classico too which is closing a great 2013 with values ​​among the highest in its history. A result attributable to the companies which in recent years have been able to upgrade from the qualitative point of view this production, the symbol of the name, maintaining the correct distance from the values ​​of the Soave DOC, without losing its strategic role in the market.

For the grape harvest 2013 of this typology it is confirmed the historical production data of last season with more than 100,000 hectoliters produced. An excellence in the excellence since the production area of the Classico was the first to be delimited in 1931, besides being recently defined by ISTAT, the highest density wine-growing region in Italy.

Not surprisingly, the Soave Consortium has dedicated extensive research on the cultivated hectares and on the companies operating in this area. A detailed work, summarized in a suggestive map that identifies, vineyard by vineyard and winery to winery, who are today the “lords of the Soave Classico”.