Japan calls and Soave responds. The successful promotional campaign, Soave by the Glass, created by the Consorzio in collaboration with Wellcom Alba and SoloItalia and directed by Shigeru Hayashi, is indeed confirmed, and will go ahead as scheduled in mid-July. 

Even though there is still caution in the Japanese market, there is an incredible willpower to return to a normality and a social life, where the main attraction is dining out. The choice of the Consorzio to not suspend the activities was received as a sign of trust, friendship and esteem by the wineries of Soave toward their Japanese partners. This commitment was confirmed last year with the record numbers of Soave by the Glass 2019: 506 participating restaurants and 14.000 bottles uncorked.

The wineries involved in the 2020 campaign are Cantina di Soave, Cantina di Monteforte, Cantina del Castello, GianniTessari, Inama, Montetondo, Corte Mainente, Corte Moschina, Corte Adami, Fattori, Tenuta Sant’Antonio, Le Battistelle, Gini, Cantine Vitevis, Canoso, Cantina Valpolicella Negrar and Ilatium.

As always, the restaurants that uncork the most bottles will win a week in Soave to discover the vine-clad hills and our extraordinary rural heritage.

 To boost this year’s campaign the Consorzio created a personalized kit for the restaurants: branded aprons, detailed maps of the geographic units, postcards and a very special brochure about pairing Soave with Japanese cuisine and how Soave uniquely exalts so many of their favorite dishes.

The Consorzio and the wineries have planned thematic dinners with the press and opinion leaders to showcase the many novelties happening in the panorama of Soave. The introduction of the Geographic Units is of particular interest to the Japanese wine aficionado, who is very attentive, curious and loves to experience new wines.   

“We want to define this as an act of mutual respect and trust in the Japanese market, says Sandro Gini, President of the Consorzio. –  In Japan, Soave has found a market that has given us so much satisfaction in terms of constant commitment. The efforts of the Consorzio in 2020 will be directed toward supporting this important promotion, and being close to our partners as we have always been, particularly this year.”