The U.S. interest in the denomination from the Verona area grows and consolidates. For the next three months, the denomination is engaged in a busy promotional schedule that embraces art, food and fashion.

The new promotional campaign for the American market has began and it will have Soave, along with other wines from the Veneto region, fully engaged from December 2013 until February 2014. There will be three months of intensive promotional activities to confirm the excellent momentum for the Soave in the U.S.A.

The new promotional mission for Soave in New York will unfold till the end of February, involving not only Made in Italy’s trendiest expressions such as cuisine and typical local products, but also the worlds of art, fashion and life style, which are known points of reference for this market.

Featuring tasting and educational event for communicators and sommeliers in the most beautiful and trendy N.Y. locations, but also presentations in numerous outlets in order to explain the characteristics of Soave directly to consumers, along with sponsorship of events in some of the most prestigious contemporary art galleries active in Chelsea.

One among many is the collaboration with Agora Gallery, a place of reference for the international art world which aims, amid other things, to encourage a renewed and conscious environmental awareness, a theme that has always been dear to the Soave.

The leadership of the Consortium, in attendance for the opening of the campaign, took the opportunity to meet industry professionals and buyers to measure the results of what has been achieved in the first 5 years of activity in the front of the valorization program and to plan new and appropriate strategies for the period 2014 -2020.

“The perception of the Soave in recent years – highlighted Enore Ceola of Mionetto, Cantina di Soave Importer during a press conference – has grown both within the trade and among the communicators. It is considered an Italian white wine with a strong personality and is now more easily found, also by the glass, in the trendiest clubs, not only in the East Coast. Now we need to provide continuity and focused attention to this phase by activating not only qualified communication agencies, but also respected brand ambassadors to create a viral awareness around this denomination. ”

“It is undoubtedly the time to differentiate more vigorously the Soave from other Italian white wines – said Charlie Messie of Riondo USA– particularly from the Pinot Grigio which continues to grow. Soave is now ready both in size and appeal, for actions aimed directly at the consumer. The quality and originality of these wines must be tasted and our actions in this direction have enabled us not only to grow but also to introduce the Soave in states in which it was not present before”.

“There are all the conditions for further and faster growth – underlines with optimism Bruno Brunetti, owner of the import agency SantaArmosa which trades Dal Cero wines – if we succeed in differentiating the Soave using all its peculiarities: This wine is accessible for its important relationship between value and identity, it’s a wine originated from a grape variety still little known in the States, but mostly the volcanic origin of the soil which is a factor that must be further investigated and may be the key to new successes”.


During one of the Eataly’s many initiatives, Lidia Bastianich, famed chef and ambassador of the Made in Italy in the U.S., is equally explicit and states that “the Soave has character and versatility not only with Italian cuisine, but also with many other gastronomic suggestions. It’s easy to think of fish and of other traditional expressions of Japanese and Chinese cuisine but I am convinced that the Soave’s acidity and freshness can work well with many dishes of Mexican and South American cuisine. ”

Giuseppe Locascio, Winebow’s import brand manager met during Secret Somm, the initiative which involved about a hundred sommeliers of the Big Apple, goes into more details: “The American market is very segmented by wine type and origin: Italy, France and the rest the world are playing a game almost always in balance. Large and small companies compete in terms of price and quality, white and red wines share, even on the seasonal front, the many growth opportunities in this market. The Soave wine has lived a period of great highlight and it is important, for continued growth, that all companies operate in the same direction. ”