Strong from the glowing reviews on Wine Advocate, beginning on Monday December 2nd, Soave returns to the Big Apple with a new promotional mission in collaboration with the Veneto Region

Soave scores big on Wine Advocate, the prestigious American magazine dedicated to  wine and recognized worldwide as a benchmark for the sector. In fact, there are 43 references of Soave, in its various typologies, brilliantly reviewed by the magazine directed by Robert Parker.

Stand out among the others the 93 points for the firm Fattori with its Soave DOC “Motto Piane” 2011;  the 92 points for the firm Gini with its Soave DOC Classico “Contrada Salvarenza” 2010, tied with Guerrieri Rizzardi and its Recioto di Soave DOCG “Costeggiola” 2008, Inama with the Soave DOC Classico “Vigneto du Lot”  2011, Pieropan with the Soave DOC Classico “La Rocca” 2011; follow closely Coffele with 91 points for the Soave DOC Classico “Alzari” 2011, Prà for the Soave DOC Classico “Colle Sant’Antonio” 2009, and Suavia for the Igt Veneto bianco “Massifitti” 2010 (trebbiano di Soave).

Soave confirms its appeal at the international level, endowed by its unquestionable quality that has made it a wine able of excelling, especially now after two or three years of refinements.

“The positive remarks by Monica Larner, profound connoisseur of Italian wines – said Aldo Lorenzoni, director of the Soave Consortium – have a particular value for our denomination since Wine Advocate is one of the most prominent magazines in the world. These are reviews worth twice as much, as they fall on the eve of a new major promotional campaign that the consortium is about to begin the United States ”

From December 2nd in fact, the Soave Consortium will participate in a promotional mission in America, in collaboration with the Veneto Region, consisting in several events that will take place through February 2014.

With the new promotional mission, Soave Style and the City, the Consortium intends to continue what has been achieved with the previous campaigns for the enhancement of Soave in the U.S., a market that has seen a gradual increase in the presence of this white wine from the Verona area in its different typologies.

The American journey will also be an opportunity to meet industry professionals and buyers to measure the results of what has been achieved in the first 5 years of valorization activities and especially to define opportunities and actions on the eve of the new five-year promotional phase.

The calendar is filled with appointments planned both in collaboration with Uvive and independently to promote Soave, along with other Veneto wines, among the sector’s operators, the press, the consumers and wine lovers.

The three places center of these promotional activities are: Eataly (200 5th Avenue, NY) Ristorante Rana (75 9th Avenue, NYC), Risotteria Melotti (309 East 5th Street – Manhattan, NY.


The project, undertaken in collaboration with the Veneto Region, features a series of promotions throughout the month of December in the shopping complex of Eataly, the Italian cuisine “super-store”, a fast-coming icon of the food & wine sector both in the city and across the country: six themed restaurants, a supermarket, a wine shop and a space called “the School” for seminar on food & wine, render Eataly an ideal center for the promotion and the direct sale of Italian excellences to consumers.

In this context, the Soave, in its different shades, will be featured in the restaurant wine cards, will be the protagonist in wine tastings and in the wine shop events every weekend, in addition to being “presented and narrated” during thematic workshops in “the School”. There will also be time devoted exclusively to the press.

The Roadshow

It’s called “N.Y.C. move the passion” and is a travelling event in New York along a route featuring stops in some of the most exclusive restaurants and cafés in Manhattan (including for example the famous “Astor Wine “). The event is open to a limited number of participants and is dedicated exclusively to the press, bloggers, restaurateurs, managers of hotel chains, gallery owners and those who work in the hospitality industry.

The novelty

It’s called Secret Somm in NYC and it is probably the most trendy and innovative event. A night of tasting and presentations of different Soaves dedicated to sommeliers and producers, with the added opportunity for the sommeliers to bring and to exchange bottles of other Veneto wines.