Soave flies the flag for volcanic agriculture at ProWein

Three days of tastings, seminars and in-depth analysis dedicated to the media and industry professionals in Düsseldorf, as part of the ‘Heroes of Europe: Volcanic Agriculture’ (HEVA) project.


Soave (VR), 3 May 2022. Soave, in all its different interpretations, will be present at ProWein in Düsseldorf from 15th to 17th May (Hall 15 E05). ProWein is the leading wine fair for the German and northern European markets, both of which have always been strategic for the great white wines produced on the hills to the east of Verona.


For this year’s edition—the first following two years of unavoidable closure—the Consortium has opted for a new slant to clearly communicate one of the characteristics that best define it on the international wine scene: the volcanic origins of its soils. It has been able to do this thanks to HEVA, ‘Heroes of Europe: Volcanic Agriculture’, an ambitious international promotion programme—within the scope of EU Regulation 1144/2014—that for the next three years will see the Soave Consortium working in close contact with the Lessini Durello Consortium, the Monte Veronese Cheese Consortium and the Greek consortium Union of Santorini Cooperatives – Santo Wines.


Volcanoes, their strength and unstoppable power are thus the effective keys of communication for understanding and conveying the values and distinctive features of these products, which share an origin that is as ancient as it is powerful.

It is for this reason that the Soave Consortium is taking part in HEVA, an international project that aims to promote, highlight and raise awareness amongst consumers of the extraordinary characteristics of a viticulture and dairy production whose distinctiveness is based on the volcanic origin of the soils. The different terroirs, even thousands of miles away from one another in some cases, have developed the same propensity for quality, based on similar pedoclimatic characteristics, geological history, exposure and altitude characteristics.


‘This is an incredible and unique heritage of agricultural know-how, techniques for growing and processing raw materials that have been passed down through generations and have created special links with the regions where they originate,’ emphasises Sandro Gini, President of the Soave Consortium. ‘Let’s not forget that on the slopes of volcanoes, agriculture has always been the most flourishing human activity and, above all, a “heroic” cultural attitude’.


The volcanic environment represents one of the most difficult and valuable settings for the millennia-old rapport between humans and nature, where energy and experience are mutually exchanged: the fertility of the land and the difficulty in cultivating it; the generosity of the elements present in the soils and the extreme slopes, where men and women have worked for centuries to clear the land and build terraces, today an integral part of an unquestionably beautiful landscape.


Alongside the subject of volcanoes, the main star will, of course, be Soave wine, with its numerous interpretations available for visitors to discover for themselves in the large enoteca.

Labels on display, bottles at the fore, information immediately to hand. This is the approach the Consortium has chosen to present Soave and the women and men who produce it to journalists and industry professionals, who will have the chance to taste the wines freely and at their convenience throughout the entire fair.



The Soave Consortium was founded in 1970 and represents wine companies, winegrowers, bottlers and cooperatives.

The Soave DOC appellation—recognised with a Royal Decree in 1931, making it one of the oldest in Italy—is made up of nearly 7,000 hectares under vine and includes 13 municipalities located in the eastern part of the province of Verona. There are currently around 90 wineries associated with the Consortium, which boasts a representation of nearly 90% and is responsible for the protection, promotion and development of the appellation and for its supervision. Around 50 million bottles are produced on average each year.



Communications & Media Relations:

Lucia Vesentini

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