Prowein calls, Soave and Lessini Durello answer

From 19 to 21 March the different interpretations of Soave and Lessini Durello will be present at the Düsseldorf exhibition, as part of HEVA, the international project that enhances the excellence of volcanic soil, between tastings and narrative proposals.


Soave, Verona, 16 March – Minerality, freshness, sapidity, longevity. In a word: volcano. In fact, the “V factor“, with V referring to “volcano”, will once again be the guiding theme of the 28th edition of Prowein, scheduled from 19 to 21 March 2023 in Düsseldorf, for the Soave Consortium and the Lessini Durello Consortium, partners in the promotional project  HEVA, Heroes of Europe: VolcanicAgriculture”.  The project was created for the promotion and enhancement of volcanic products, financed by the European Union under measure 1144 – together with the Monte Veronese Cheese Consortium and the Greek consortium Union of Santorini Cooperatives – Santo Wines.

The Italian district of white wine from volcanic soil after last year’s success, with a special edition of Prowein in May, returns to Düsseldorf on the strength of the brilliant results that the HEVA project is bringing, within a space specially designed at the trade fair to communicate the “volcanic nature of soil” and the characteristics that most often recur in our minds when we talk about volcanoes.  Indeed, the volcano environment represents one of the most challenging and precious “fields of application” of the millennial dialectic between man and nature, in a reciprocal exchange of energies and experiences: the fertility of the soil and its difficulty in being cultivated; the generosity of the elements present in the soil and the extreme slopes, on which for millennia men and women have worked hard to till and build terraces, today an integral part of a landscape of unmistakable beauty.


The volcano, its strength and its unstoppable power are therefore confirmed as effective communication keys for understanding and conveying the values and peculiarities of these products united by an origin as ancient as it is powerful.

Thanks to the HEVA project, the Soave and Lessini Durello Consortium aim to promote, highlight and make consumers aware of the extraordinary characteristics of a viticulture that bases its difference on the volcanic origin of the soils. Different terroirs that have developed the same propensity for quality, based on similar pedoclimatic characteristics, geological history, exposures and altimetry.


But Prowein as well as promotion is also, and perhaps above all, business: in this regard, in addition to meetings with buyers and the international specialist press, invited for individual and targeted meetings, scheduled for Monday 20 March in the space of the Vinum magazine (Hall 1, Stand A40), it will in fact organise a masterclass dedicated to wines from volcanic soil, “Heroes of Europe VolcanicAgriculture – VulkanweineimVergleich” (Volcanic wines compared), where the various interpretations of Soave and those of Lessini Durello will be the protagonists.


«Prowein is confirmed as an appointment not to be missed for Soave – points out Sandro Gini, president of the Consortium  – as important international buyers, highly qualified sector operators and specialist press from all over the world will be in attendance. It is a very important occasion to reaffirm the quality, style and origin of Soave starting in fact from the volcano, firstly remembering one thing: the greater the minerality of a wine, the greater its ability to last over time and therefore to increase in value. Exactly what is happening today in Soave».


Labels on display, bottles in the foreground, information immediately available. These are the elements that the Consortium has chosen to describe the women and men who produce Soave and Lessini Durello to journalists and sector operators who will be able to taste the wines freely and at ease for the entire duration of the trade fair.

Particularly innovative is the point “Be suave, be smart!” or the “smart-wine shop” of the consortium, that is to say the point where the wines will be tasted at the correct temperature: here the visitor, in addition to being able to consult the material physically present, by scanning the prepared QR codes will be able to immediately connect to the exhibiting companies, save contacts and make a note of information.



The Tutela Vini del Soave Consortium was founded in 1970 and internally represents wineries, winegrowers, bottlers and cooperatives.

The denomination – recognised by Royal Decree in 1931 as one of the oldest in Italy – consists of approximately 7,000 hectares of vineyards and is distributed across 13 municipalities located in eastern Verona. There are currently around ninety companies associated with the Consortium which, with a representation of nearly 90%, deal with the protection, promotion, enhancement of the denomination and supervision. Approximately 50 million bottles are produced on average every year.




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