A trade event featuring Soave Cru wines in London last month was hailed as ‘Landmark’ and ‘Ground breaking’ by leading British wine influencers.

The Soave Revealed tasting and masterclass was devised by Aldo Lorenzoni’s team at the Soave Consorzio in partnership with UK Master of Wine, Sarah Abbott. The objective of the event was to confront outdated perceptions of Soave, and introduce influential buyers and writers to the current generation of top quality Soave.

The event comprised a (fully booked) technical masterclass on 12 Soave Crus tutored by Giovanni Ponchia and Sarah Abbott MW, and a walk-around tasting of more than 30 Soave Crus from across the region.

The event was successfully promoted on social media and conventional channels, and was widely covered before and after the tasting in major UK wine trade press, including Harpers Wine & Spirit, The Buyer and The Wine Merchant. Important UK consumer press publications Decanter (Steven Spurrier) and The Telegraph (Victoria Moore) also covered the event.

The Buyer magazine hailed Soave as ‘The New Chablis’ for restaurant wine lists, highlighting its minerality and nuance. The UK trade press also covered the collaboration between Soave and the World Biodiversity Association, whose representatives also spoke at the event.


“We are thrilled to be back in the UK to talk about the hard work that has been going on in Soave for the past10 years. Soave is a historic wine region that has been able to renew itself: a multiplicity of young producers are producing Soave with new, exciting interpretations. The ongoing study of the Soave Cru sub-zones and cultivation methods have boosted our knowledge of how truly expressive the garganega grape can be.” – Aldo Lorenzoni, Soave Consorzio General Manager.

“I am very happy to see that this much misunderstood area of Veneto is coming back to the UK with its quality wines” – Nikkie Patchett, Italian Wine Buyers Club (bespoke Italian wine sommelier service).

Soave Revealed is being followed by “Summer of Soave” in June, July and August- a program of focused UK consumer tastings and promotion with high-end restaurant partners featuring Cru Soave.


For further details, and to get involved, please contact: Lucia Vesentini [email protected]