The region of Soave will be given a boost in the UK with a trade and consumer campaign, fronted by Sarah Abbott MW and supported by trade and consumer PR activity.

Sarah Abbott comments: “Today, Soave makes some of the great white wines of Italy. The region has a nuanced terroir with outstanding quality potential that is fully expressed in the wines.  The styles of and stories behind contemporary Soave have a lot to offer the UK wine market.

“Soave has an unsung hero in Garganega, a top Italian variety and the ‘daddy’ of important Italian white grapes.  It’s time to take a new look at Soave, including its sparkling and sweet wines.”

Soave has new regulations which put the focus on high quality.  The region’s diverse range of producers, from world-class cooperatives to small family estates and dynamic young producers, provides a wide range of wines to suit all sectors of the market and price points.

“Soave is a place of beauty and gastronomy from the Venetian culture, one of the most gracious, long-lived refined and outward-looking cultures in the world. Its terroir of basalt and limestone, volcanic and marine gives winemakers the basis from which to produce some truly outstanding wines”, continues Sarah.

A ‘Summer of Soave’ series of press and consumer roadshow will take place in several UK cities during the summer months to introduce the wines to a wider audience which will also include by the glass promotions and wine flights with key restaurant partners.

The campaign will be launched with a tasting and masterclass of ‘crus’ Soave wines for trade and press audiences on 30 March at 67 Pall Mall, the private members club for wine lovers in London.  To request an invitation, please contact: [email protected].