Il Soave – Preview 2013: Here is the “first preview” of the Soave

From May 22nd to 24th, in the historic heart of the medieval hamlet, takes place the preview of the Soave Wines as part of Vulcania: the international forum of the white wines from the volcanic soil which, from this year forward, is called Volcanic Wines.

What’s the style of Soave wine? What are the identity traits that best define it? When one can talk about “representative wine” for a denomination? These are the questions that will kick off the “Soave Preview 2013” that will be held in Soave from May 22nd to the 24th. The event, conceived by the Soave Consortium, is part of Vulcania, the international forum of the white wines from the volcanic soil which, starting from this year, will be called Volcanic Wines in homage to its international vocation.

The one planned is a preview of the Soave 2013, starting from the analysis of a year really special in its kind, starting from its seasonal pattern.

A journey which will touch some of the most beautiful panoramic views of the area from the Illasi Valley to the Tramigna Valley, from the Alpone Valley to the Costa di Roncà.

The aim is to outline the profile of the 2013 season and to define a sort of identity card of the Soave to be related to operators, journalists and opinion leaders.


The Soave 2013, which will be tasted in preview, presents a very well balanced flavor profile with notes of citrus, tropical fruit and ripe white fruits all well combined with the floral bouquet.

The floral array is in fact the predominant characteristic of 2013 and the trait that best defines the identity of this Soave as a whole.

Here is the beginning of the works that will split in three stages dedicated to as many themes: origin, style, values​​.


Thursday, 22 May 2014 – 6.00 pm: The Origin

Villa Aldegheri (Colognola ai Colli)

During this evening we will witness the historical reconstruction of the last 20 vintages of the Soave with the contribution of Diego Tomasi – Cra-Vit Conegliano, who will talk about the importance of the pergola as a form of farming; Mario Pezzotti – University of Verona, who will look at the terroir and its molecular interpretation; Leonardo Latella – Civic Museum of Natural History of Verona, who will address the issue of the Soave soil’s biological quality; Nicola Frasson (Guida Vini d’Italia, Gambero Rosso), which will trace the history of the best vintages of Soave.


Friday, 23 May 2014 – 9.30 am: The Style


Cantina Coffele

At this time there will be the actual preview of the Soave 2013.

An event eagerly awaited by the sector’s operators. It’s no coincidence that the year 2013 Soave will be examined by representatives of all the leading Italian wine guides. In particular, Gianni Fabrizio, Guida Vini d’Italia (Gambero Rosso) will host the segment “The Coast of Roncà”; Fabio Giavedoni, Guida Slow Wine (Slow Food), will lead the segment “Soave and the Tramigna Valley”; Paolo Ianna, Guida Vini Buoni d’Italia (Touring Club) will lead the section “Colognola and the Illasi Valley”; Massimo Zanichelli, Guida Vini d’Italia (L’Espresso) will illustrate the segment “Monteforte and the Alpone Valley”


Friday, 23 May 2014 – 6.00 pm: The Values

Cantina di Soave

Sala del Roseto, Rocca Sveva’s Botanic Park

This event will be an opportunity to make a further study on both the Soave wine and the appellation.

Gianni Moriani – Università Ca ‘Foscari Venice, will talk about the concept of wine park and its applicability to the Soave; Viviana Ferrario – Iuav of Venice instead, will address the importance of the landscape; Attilio Scienza – University of Milan, will close the meeting with a reflection on icons and terroir.