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Soave Preview, now in its 10th year – will take place from 18th to 21st May at the  Palazzo del Capitano, in the heart of the little mediaeval town. Biodiversity and the Cru sub-zones are major themes of this edition, and the natural evolution of a project which last year, saw the Soave region’s official recognition as a national historic rural landscape. More than 100 journalists, wine educators and influencers are expected, from countries such as Japan, Germany, Poland, the U.K., Scandinavia and the United States. On Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st May the producers will – for the first time – make the tasting of their wines open to the public, thus celebrating the tenth anniversary of the event. The Soave – Wine & Street Food Experience will offer an opportunity to discover how well  Soave pairs with the cuisines of Thailand, Korea and Spain, as well as with gourmet hamburgers!


The 2016 vintage will be the centrepiece of the Soave Preview, along with the debut of releases of older Cru vintages. The 4 day event will take place at the Palazzo del Capitano, in the heart of the mediaeval town of Soave, from May18th to 21st.

The 18th and 19th of May will be open to the press and members of the trade, while on Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st May, the general public will – for the first time – also be able to take part and taste a vast range of the different wines produced in Soave in 2016.

Soave Preview: Virtues and Versatility – Press and trade – May 18th-19th

The spotlight will be on the distinctive characteristics of the 2016 vintage in Soave, and a dedicated team of expert sommeliers will be on hand to serve. This year, participants will have the opportunity to tailor their experience to concentrate their time mainly on tastings or on a more in-depth exploration of the appellation.

Two major themes will be explored during the seminars and tastings. The first revolves around biodiversity, and the presentation of the Soave Consortium’s collaboration with the World Biodiversity Association. This is the first project of its kind by a Consortium in Italy, which sets to measure biodiversity and to create a shared goal to improve over time, despite different vineyard management systems among associate wineries. Within this study, is the topic of climate change and how the Consortium is studying the positive impact of the traditional pergola trellising.

The second theme is Cru Soave and its sub-zones which will officially enter the Consortium’s statute this year. This is an epic step for the historic appellation, in its ongoing efforts to promote understanding of the diversity of Soave’s many small quality producers, soils and expositions.

The sum of these two ambitious projects is the natural outcome of the recognition given last year by the Ministry of Agriculture to the “Vine-clad Hills of Soave” as Italy’s first “rural landscape of historical interest”, along with the region’s inclusion in the National Registry of Rural Landscapes of Historical Interest, and of Traditional Agricultural Practices and Lore. Research in this field is now continuing thanks to a new project involving the IUAV University in Venice. The study aims to develop a sustainable business model, where nature thrives along with the men and women cultivating the land.

2016 Vintage

There are great expectations for this latest vintage from Soave, which is displaying excellent balance between the wines’ acidity, sugars and tangy fruit. It is undoubtedly a classic year, which benefited from regular weather conditions: there was well-distributed rainfall during the summer, and the differences between day- and night-time temperatures in the period leading up to the harvest have given the wines notably floral aromas.

Soave Preview – Wine and street food experience – May 20th-21st

Soave, is also a true “vino di paesaggio”, a terroir-based wine produced on hillsides characterized by specific, recognisable iconemes. This region has a unique landscape that distinguishes itself from “international viticultural landscapeswhich, on the other hand, embody a standardized, stereotyped image of the vineyard.

Soave is a unique wine, a wine of place, produced in a landscape that cannot be cloned. 80% of its production is exported and enjoyed in over 70 countries around the world, where it is considered one of Italy’s iconic white wines. One of the reasons for its popularity is undoubtedly Soave’s versatility matched with different cuisines around the globe.

Proof of this will be given during the Preview at the “Soave – wine & street food experience”, when the public, on Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st May, will be able to taste Soave accompanied by traditional Thai, Korean and Spanish dishes, as well as gourmet interpretations of the classic street food par excellence, the hamburger.