Over 24 weeks, the educational video series Soave Terroir was successfully presented on the social media channels and wine blog of Vino TV, reaping a vast number of viewers and thousands of interactions.

Just under a year ago, the Consorzio di Soave published Soave Terroir. The definitive volume explains the articulate path that led to the zoning of the 33 Geographic Units, which became official in 2020.

While some find reading an academic volume the perfect deep-dive to understanding a wine region, we realized that reaching a broader audience and stimulating their interest in Soave would require new forms of communication.

This year, the Consorzio presented Soave Terroir in the form of a multi-media project broken down into what we refer to in Italian as “pillole”, or rather, mini doses of video clips. Twenty-four of the Geographic Units are explained without academic veneer by the producers growing their grapes within each unit. The entire production of the video series was handled in-house by marketing and communication manager Chiara Mattiello and video maker Michele Lorenzoni.

The target of the project is a young, socially engaged audience of wine professionals. What better way to reach them than through a well-respected, charismatic wine communicator? We chose Chiara Giannotti, social media handle @Vino.Tv, to become our Italian Ambassador for Soave Terroir. She is an expert sommelier and has received the recognition of Dame Chevalier de Champagne. She runs a successful wine blog, consults, is a frequent contributor to prestigious wine publications, and makes regular tv appearances on the national network RAI 2.

Chiara Giannotti visited Soave this past winter to create a preface to the Soave Terroir videos. Italian viewers enjoyed her introduction to the Geographic Units and broader explanations, interesting facts, and anecdotes about the Soave denomination.

Our intuition about harnessing the power of social media to explain Soave Terroir in engaging and easy-to-understand bite-sized clips became a reality over the last 24 weeks. The organic visualizations of the videos on Facebook and Instagram reached nearly 200.000 unique views. Interactions and likes surpassed 10,000, not an easy task for a niche educational video series.

The Consortium will continue to use this incredible library of resources to educate and inform wine professionals and enthusiasts around the world. You can already consult the Soave Terroir video series subtitled in English on the Consortium website. Each video is accompanied by a detailed map and explanation of each Geographic Unit. In addition, the Soave Terroir book is for sale through the Soave Consortium.