Soave Terroir, the book by the Soave Consortium, is a recount of the revolution underway in Soave with the introduction of the additional Geographic Units. The launch of the book has begun, and over the course of the next weeks, it will be presented at important events and venues in Italy and abroad. 
One of the first stops was in Dusseldorf at the Weinwirtschaft wine trade summit, a meeting for the German wine sector, with sommeliers, buyers and producers from the principal wine regions. A primary focus was on the Geographic Units, in the context of a broader masterclass of Italian and non-Italian wines, where participants tasted a characteristic representation of Soave wines from the geographic units. Germany was the first appointment outside Italy for the presentation of Soave Terroir, which is not just a book, but also a video series which will soon be published on the Soave website and promoted worldwide. 
In Italy, Soave Terroir was presented at the international convention, Terra Madre, during a meeting entitled “The map of rural landscapes for the promotion and protection of agricultural traditions and activities of local communities. The convention, organized by the Agricultural Ministry, summarized the work accomplished to brand the Italian historic rural landscapes. Soave was the first to be listed in this national registry, which continues to grow with the addition of new territories each year. Soave’s case history provided virtuous examples of landscape heritage and a promotional wine body which believed in the value of landscape preservation. 
Each winner of the Soave by the Glass campaign by the Soave Consortium received a prize copy of the Soave Terroir book. The book was translated into Japanese by the Consortium’s promotional partner, SoloItalia. 
The 2020 winners are: Italian restaurant, Latteria Porcini in Osaka; Top restaurant Pecora in Fukuoka; Restaurant that sold the most bottles in relation to seating capacity, Nord in Kyoto; and Japanese Restaurant Aracarte 13 in Osaka. 
Consortium President, Sandro Gini explains, “Soave Terroir” is a story that is generating much enthusiasm, because it speaks of place, and also about the history and the inner workings of the process that will preserve it for future generations. The uniqueness of Soave could be a winning card in the context of the significant evolution we are witnessing today. Language, tone of voice and approach, are directed at a younger audience, mirrored in the faces of the producers who will be the protagonists of these videos.” 
He concludes, “We will show the generational change that is underway, the desire to get involved and to be testimonials for their land and the Soave denomination.” 
The book is on sale at the Consorzio offices and is also available to be shipped through the Libreria Bonturi in San Bonifacio. [email protected]