Summer of Soave is the new UK market promotional campaign that aims to reach trade and consumers through a series of fresh and innovative events, tastings and promotions.

An integrated marketing program makes full use of on and off-line activities to convey the true soul of Soave. The primary targets of the promotion are the retail venues, restaurants and wine bars in daily contact with British wine enthusiasts. A creative program of prizes, eye-catching merchandising, newsletters and website are incentives and tools to assist the venues in the presentation of Soave as one of Italy’s most unique and versatile wines.

The rise in casual dining has been a saviour for the new generation of high-quality Soave, because diners love wines that they can drink at the bar, and that will also taste great with their meal. Soave has the perfect flavour profile for that: lively and fresh, with friendly acidity, and then with great textural interest.

The summer season is the perfect time to showcase the wines from a kaleidoscope of small companies and virtuous cooperatives, united by a millenary history. A dedicated website, rich with resources and information for wine professionals and enthusiasts provides an ample vista of this volcanic wine appellation recently recognised by the United Nation’s Food and Agricultural Organization as a Globally Important Agricultural Heritage System.

The Summer of Soave campaign will officially launch on April 30th with a press luncheon in London and will run through Spring/Summer 2019.

UK Press contact: Sarah Abbott MW – Swirl Wine Group ([email protected])
Italian Press contact: Chiara Mattiello – Consorzio di Tutela del Soave  ([email protected])

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