Vinitaly 2014

Pad 5 G4 -7 and F7

Soave: a journey through style and value

Tastings amongst identity and longevity, the legend of the volcano, ethics and sustainability of a zero-impact production, e-commerce, the markets of Eastern Europe, China, Japan, Mexico, South America and United States: These are the hot topics during Vinitaly 2014 for the Soave Consortium, all united by the common metaphor of a journey. Plus many initiatives to get to know, even in an original and fun way, the Soave and its territory.

Style and value, two terms dear to Soave, joined in 2014 by the metaphor of the journey.

Here is a summary of the key concepts that will be addressed in the many events planned at the stand of the Consorzio Tutela Soave Pad 5 G 4-7 at the Vinitaly, April 6 through 9.

The concept of “Style“, understood as a union of character, brand awareness, aesthetic, but also substance, will serve as liaison throughout the many events planned. Style as the hallmark of a wine that has been able to create a well defined space for itself in the international wine scene.

Value, intended as the overall assessment of the quality of the wine, which is born out of both excellence in the cellar and dedication in the vineyard, is the other great pillar of reference to look up during the festival.

Finally, the journey which is by definition a metaphor of openness toward the world, synonymous with the discovery of the new, but also symbol of hospitality for those coming from outside to meet and know us. Therefore openness to foreign countries for Soave which, thanks to its identity and its well-defined style, is now ripe to address different markets, made of different culture and approaches to food and wine.

A constant challenge for this appellation from the Verona province which will be played on differences and trends, because of the need of a constant balance between intercepting consumer tastes and the new market developments.

In support of the activities inside the stand of the Consortium of Soave – Pad 5 G 4-7 and F7 – there will be a true “media center” where radio, internet, television, photography, social networks and blogs will interface to communicate the Soave inside and outside the fair grounds.

Many the themes that the Consortium of Soave will address at Vinitaly.

Wine Park and Sustainability

We will go right into the heart of business by talking about the SoaveWinePark, Sunday, April 6th at 11.00 am. Economic sustainability of the system, environmental sensitivity, producer responsibility, development of multifunctional capacity are the values ​​that today characterize the district of Soave, in the light of last year’s production and value data.

The vineyard Soave is in fact more and more a presidia of the territory. If over time the utilized agricultural area in the Veneto region has drastically decreased, in the area of ​​production of Soave the territory and the landscape as “finite resource” have been preserved and guaranteed over time. Today one hectare of vineyard of the DOC Soave is worth between 200,000 and 230,000 Euros. Figures that, multiplied by almost 7000 hectares of vineyards, gives the idea of the economic value of this area, with the highest viticultural concentration of Italy. We will talk with Diego Tommasi (Center for Viticulture Research of Conegliano) and Gianni Moriani, a professor of Economics and Marketing of Agriculture and Food Industry at the Ca ‘ Foscari University in Venice.


A Soave world: around the world in 80 minutes

Foreign markets in comparison during the event scheduled for Tuesday, April 7 at 2.00 pm in an 80-minute virtual tour that will go around the world.

Aided by its winning quality and value ratio, the Soave is now fast growing in emerging markets and confirms itself as an increasingly sought after and appreciated wine abroad.

It remains essential to understand trends and market opportunities in those markets which until recently were considered distant.

The first part of the meeting, which is dedicated to Asia, features, for the Japanese market, the participation of Shigeru Hayashi, a specialized journalist and president of Eataly Tokyo and, for the Chinese market, Armando Tschang, Agency for China, along with Federica Sterpone of Wellcom.

The second part of the meeting is dedicated to the markets of Central and South America and is hosted by Chalie Arturaola, sommelier and wine educator.

Origin, style and value & sustainability

After the intercontinental journey, an alternative trip, this time at the “micro level”, for the discovery of the genetic traits that make the Garganega, the mother grape of Soave, unique. The meeting, scheduled for Tuesday, April 8th at 9:30 am, sees the participation of Mario Pezzotti, professor of the Department of Biotechnology at the University of Verona, who will speak to the molecular characterization of Garganega, and Paola Riscazzi of Sprim who will discuss the sustainable label of Cantina di Monteforte. The green label uses the scientific recognized methodology of LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) to calculate the environmental impact of all phases of the production chain from the installation of the Vineyard, to the cellar work, to the production of bottles, all the way to the movement of goods to the final consumer. A sort of “curriculum” of the producer virtuosity all summed up on a label, which includes three classes of monitoring: air, water, soil.

eWine, food & wine industry 2.0: e-commerce, flash sales and social networks

What opportunities are there for wine in the era of the web? False illusions or real chances? We will discuss it on Tuesday, April 8th at 11.00, as part of a meeting that promises to be really interesting starring Bruno Decker, CEO of Saldi Privati (Vini&Sapori, Banzai publishing group), Matthew Lunelli of Cantine Ferrari, Sonia Peronaci of Giallo Zafferano (@soniaperonaci), Lucia Vesentini (@LuciaVesentini) communications manager at the Consortium of Soave. Moderates the meeting Federico Quaranta of Decanter Radio 2.

Soave World and Russian markets: What are consumers looking for?

We will shift abroad again on Tuesday, April 8th at 12.15, with a particular focus on the Eastern European markets, to analyze trends and tastes of countries in constant evolution.

The event, dedicated to consumers in the Russian market (and others), will star Anna Alekseyeva, sommeliers and tour guide, an expert on the Russian market together with Dmitriy Fedotov, journalist and director of the Independent Wine Club

Following is the presentation of the project Dream Verona & Drink Soave, in cooperation with the firm Damolgraf and the Verona Catullo Airport.

Volcanic wines 2014: communicate the legend

Vulcania, the international forum of the white wines from the volcanic soil, is back and of course we talk about the legend of the volcano. All on Tuesday, April 8th at 4:00 pm with an exceptional testimonial: Tom Perry, the athlete from Vicenza, famous all over the world to have climbed, bare footed, peaks like Mount Etna, Vesuvius, Mount Kilimanjaro and Fuji. Tom Perry, the National Geographic 2008 character, tells the audience what it means to literally walk on a volcano. Participates to the appointment Attilio Scienza, Professor of Viticulture at the University of Milan, Antonio Paolini, journalist and Claudio Tessarolo, Giornale di Vicenza.

“Forge Soave: A shop for talent”

Wednesday, April 9 at 2:00 pm there will be the presentation of “Forge Soave: A shop for talents” the initiative that the Soave Consortium has strongly backed, in collaboration with the Foundation Toniolo and Confcommercio, in view of the growingly competitive environment and because the importance of enhancing the skills of the industry future professionals. “Forge Soave: A Shop for talents” is an innovative Corporate Social Responsibility project that for the first time is created and managed not by a company but by a consortium. It was born from the far-sighted spirit of the Soave Consortium which believes in investing in training and development, knowing that this investment in human resources will bring prosperity to the appellation and the whole area.

The name was not chosen at random. Fucina (Forge) is in fact the place where the blacksmith uses his craft to form, blow after blow, sculptures and masterpieces; bottega (shop) wants to be a homage to the Italian artisan tradition that the whole world recognizes and loves, and at the same time it refers to the phenomenon of the so-called “new makers”: the new artisans who have been able to innovate the past arts and crafts combining them with the use of technology. Finally, talenti (talents): the precious and rare treasures, which we all seek.

During the presentation, part of the students who participated in the first module, will illustrate their experience.

Also in the schedule several tasting events dedicated to specialized journalists and international buyers.