It is affirmed by Bruce Sanderson, correspondent of the American magazine, according to whom the great Italian white, due to the complexity achieved, is a wine that gratifies an evolved consumer.

Press Release n°13 /2014 from the Consorzio per la tutela vini Soave e Recioto di Soave

Soave, as a synthesis of wine and territory, has been included in the latest issue of Wine Spectator among the world’s thirty types of wine that “the more adventurous wine lovers” would be ready to visit, suitcase in hand, in order to discover “something unexpected and exciting. “

The one proposed by the leading American magazine in 2014, it’s a new approach to the wine’s world. It proposes, through the analysis of ten signatures of reference, to “flush out” those wines that, waiting to receive the attention they deserve from the international critics, are characterized by a strong increase in quality, are represented by promising manufacturers, and are gaining attention from experienced consumers, sommeliers and industry professionals.

Bruce Sanderson, master of wine and Wine Spectator’s signature of reference, had no doubt and immediately added Soave among the recommended wines, because of its “volcanic soil origins, for its freshness, for its marked minerality and for a drinkability that instantly generates pleasure. ”

Such judgment is made even more compelling by the quality and value ratio of the individual labels whose price, both retail and in restaurants, according to the journalist, well identifies the quality of the wine.

But why this master of wine added Soave among the wines “to flush out” and therefore still little known? Indeed, Sanderson analysis is subtle: it differentiates the wine “Soave drank in college” – calling it substantially correct and pleasant – from the “Soave for grown-ups”. And it is here that, in the eyes of the journalist, a new world worth discovering opens up. Not only therefore fresh and immediate wines perfect to accompany the dishes of everyday life, but also more intriguing wines, ideal for enhancing unforgettable moments during a home dinner or at the restaurant.

These are more complex interpretations, where the personality of the individual producer emerges and characterizes the cellar of origin but also, indirectly, the whole denomination.

“The best examples (among the wines Soave) show an impeccable balance, hints of apple, lemon and almond, and above all a strong mineral note. There is also a good acidity that makes the mouth salivate, making them perfect with food. ”

The variety of styles and interpretations has won Bruce Sanderson, according to which some Soave recall some Alsatian Riesling, produced on volcanic soil. “But the most interesting thing of all – closes the journalist – is the fact that many excellent Soave, with the exception of certain cru or special cuvée, range between 20 and 30 dollars a bottle.”