The Soave Consortium concluded 2020 with significant changes spawned by the Geographic Units’ introduction during an extraordinary year, in every sense.
In its milestone 50th year, the Consortium successfully conveyed its values through a book, Soave Terroir, that forms the foundation for launching an extensive multi-media communication project to be presented in 2021.

From July through November, the Consortium team covered the entire denomination, filming the seasonal changes and the Garganega grapes’ harvest from the birds-eye view of a drone. The footage of the vine-clad hills mapped the territory, and in unison, its producers’ voices narrate the beauty of Soave. In numbers: 24 geographic units were claimed in 2020; 34 producers were involved in the video production; 11 hours of filming with 441 gigabytes of footage. The videos will be subtitled in English, Russian, Japanese and French. Over the course of 2021, the content will be divulged through the social media channels of various brand ambassadors chosen by the Consortium.

For the Italian market, the solar Chiara Giannotti of will accompany the project’s narration. The producers will claim the true leading roles of the denomination as the story unfolds.

Soave Terroir has also become a 3D map, where the vineyards and the woodlands of the Geographic Units are highlighted in surprising detail. At a glance, the symbiotic relationship between the vineyard and the surrounding landscape that has been at the center of the Consortium’s attention becomes evident. This focus will continue throughout the new year through landscape redevelopment that will begin with distinctive elements like the pergola Veronese and the dry stone walls, also protected by FAO. Research will thus remain a priority and is the basis for creating added value for future re-qualification.
Sandro Gini, president of the Soave Consortium, explains, “It was a year in which the keyword was resilience, where the denominations represented a stronghold that helped producers weather a difficult period, and achieve a goal of balanced production. It is unity that makes us strong, and this unity allows us to find solutions within the system to improve and progress. Next year, Soave will be united in the markets, ready to face the new challenges and opportunities that will arise. The past year has also brought some welcome surprises in terms of international recognition, which makes us confident about the future.”