What is the Soave we want? Young, beautiful and smart! These three keywords, almost a slogan, summarise three concepts rich in meaning that have come together in the Soave Programmatic Manifesto, the document presented officially at the opening of Soave MultiVerse, the new format designed by the Soave Consortium to convey the qualitative excellence of Soave wine to a wide audience, including through culture.

These three foundations will be used to build not just the present but especially the future of the appellation, serving as a kind of road map for outlining actions as part of a new plan, to give Soave wine the space it deserves in the Italian and international wine scene.


Soave Programmatic Manifesto


The Soave Programmatic Manifesto was born out of the desire to give the weight and actual meaning back to words, at a moment in time when the immediacy of a ‘like’ prevails over carefully-weighed reflection, in a social phase where a virtual image seems to be worth more than reality. Hence the push to achieve this paradigm shift that is needed now more than ever, even in the world of wine, including Soave.

So, this is the Soave we want: young, beautiful, smart.



A Soave that speaks to young people, using their language.

Not just the present but also the future, in particular, is in the hands of young people. This means we need to reach out to them, with the goal of real and effective involvement, because young people, and only young people, will be able to achieve real change. This is true in every area of activity and wine production is no exception.

Today’s young people are tomorrow’s mature (and regular) consumers. This is why Soave has decided to aim for the minds, hearts (and palates) of consumers between 30 and 40 years old in particular, who could potentially fall in love with Soave wine but are still not very or not at all familiar with it. Young people who are not necessarily wine experts but are generally curious and on the lookout for ‘good, nice things’.

Young people will thus be the key figures and at the same time the targets of the new communication projects designed by the Soave Consortium to convey the qualitative excellence of the appellation using registers of language and communication that are more familiar to them: no technical jargon for experts, just clear, simple, high-value messages.

This is balanced by the capacity for ageing of Soave wine, one of the Italian white wines capable of evolving and improving as the years go by.



The beauty of the medieval town of Soave

The medieval town of Soave, the hills and appellation as a whole, with the broad expanse of Garganega vineyards, is a real icon of beauty. Today more than ever, there is a need for beauty to nourish our minds: if we fill our thoughts with beautiful images that feature unspoilt landscapes, architecture rich in history and that respect the environment, we could, in turn, trigger ‘virtuous circles of beauty’ and be key players in building our present and future.

The Soave we want must therefore be ‘beautiful’ and become a way to convey the beauty of the region where it originates, not only to promote itself but to make a real and effective contribution to improving society.



The intelligent, aware, stylish Soave

Smart is a word that is synonymous with intelligence, brilliance and skill, and also elegance and style. The choice of this word did not happen by chance, because the Soave we want is smart, intelligent and thus aware of the values that make up its heritage.

The Soave appellation is one of the oldest in Italy. In this production area, marked by the might of volcanic soils, the quality of the wines has now reached peaks of undisputed excellence, given even more prominence thanks to the Additional Geographical Unit designations. The Soave hills were the first in Italy to be entered in the National Register of Historical Rural Landscapes, and the Soave landscape has been recognised as a Globally Important Agricultural Heritage System (GIAHS) by the FAO, underlining the importance, and, at times, heroism, of the vine growers who conserve this landscape through their work. This all forms a priceless heritage of which we should be proud, and for which we must also be responsible.

Approaching the Soave region in this way thus becomes a cultural choice, and only culture is capable of developing a real motivation for that paradigm shift we so badly need today. Culture leads to awareness; awareness leads to knowledge; knowledge leads to responsibility.


‘With Soave MultiVerse,’ explains Igor Gladich, Director of the Soave Consortium, ‘we just want to talk about the future; a shared future that looks to young people and speaks to them using their language. We want to do this by simplifying the messages to be conveyed because this is the only way we can be sure to reach the listener’s soul. Here in Soave, there’s a real aspiration for the future and the Soave Programmatic Manifesto we’ve presented today is headed exactly in this direction’.



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