The reduction in yields per hectare to achieve greater competitiveness was unanimously approved by the Consortium. With the increase to 30% of checks by the SIQURIA certification body, Soave ranks among the leading DOCs in Italy in terms of number of site inspections.

Attention to the environment, strong responsibility of the production base and maximum consumer protection.  Full support from the Veneto Region.



Soave, 6th February 2024 – Continue along the path of highly selected quality, embarked upon last July; make the denomination even more competitive on the markets; produce in an even more environmentally friendly manner; protect the final consumer at the time of purchase.

These are the pillars on which the “Progetto Identità Soave” is based, the set of directives and good practices that have been adopted within the Soave denomination, including the reduction of yields per hectare, recently approved unanimously by the Protection Consortium Assembly.


After having resolved last summer on the suspension of the plantings for the purposes of the claim for those vineyards created after 31 July 2023 and a block claim for the 2023 and 2024 seasons, the reduction in yields per hectare envisaged by the specifications for all DOC Soave productions was approved in the assembly session at the end of December. Subsequently, it was also collectively decided to increase the checks by the SIQURIA certification body to 30% on compliance with the maximum permitted yield: by 2024, therefore, 30% of the winemakers of the denomination will be inspected by the certification body during the period of presence of the bunch on the plant in order to estimate the potential yield of the vineyard and to respect the new established production limits.

These choices regarding production management effectively place Soave today among the leading Italian denominations in terms of percentage of controls performed in the vineyard.

Full support from the Veneto Region for which the Soave DOC is and remains a strategic asset of fundamental importance.


The objective aimed at with these denomination management measures is to become a prominent contender with respect to the markets, in Italy and abroad, proposing a wine with a marked identity from the point of view of the vineyard and the terroir, thanks to shared farms with the skills to manage the natural productive exuberance of the Garganega.

A choice with a strong impact not only qualitatively, but also ethically: measuring the productivity of the vineyards with foresight effectively means reducing the energy input in their overall management, from the vineyard to the winery, primarily in terms of water resources.

There is also a strong sense of responsibility towards consumers who will thus have the certainty of purchasing wines that are the result of important control and selection work.

A measure, adopted today, which also becomes strategic for winemakers: starting from now they will already be able to perform pruning work, planning and deciding immediately which vineyards are most suitable for the production of Soave and which instead are better suited for other types.


«What we have put in place – highlights Sandro Gini, president of the Soave Protection Consortium – is a set of measures which, for around two years, have focused on a strong internal reorganisation on the production front with the result of guaranteeing the final consumer wines that are the result of a rigorous selection, excelling for high quality. It is an important response that as a denomination we intend to give to the markets which, today more than ever, are looking for wines with a strong identity, with a not overly high alcohol content».

For Soave a reminder to simply be itself. Hence the name Progetto Identità Soave.


«Garganega, the mother of Soave, is a generous grape and for this reason its natural exuberance must be measured. If cultivated with foresight and intelligence it has nothing to envy in comparison to grape varieties like Chardonnay or Sauvignon and should not fear competition with aromatic varieties. The Soave – concludes Gini – is characterised precisely by its “olfactory lightness” which varies depending on the production areas but this very characteristic can create a fascinating complexity, supported by the natural vocation of this great Veronese white to evolve over time».




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