Google Earth Position:

45° 26’ 57.92 N
11° 14’ 17.30 E

Commune maps included: Soave F11

Toponyms: Cercini, Campagnola, Catti, Mari Preare, Carniga

This Historical Geographical Unit is characterized by soils of clearly calcareous origin.
The slope gradients are more or less accentuated, going from 5%-10% at the summit to 10%-30% on the slopes. The viticulture has a very traditional traditional imprinting. The Veronese pergola dominates the landscape even if there are several plots planted with Guyot or Cordon spur. These idyllic terraces open onto a vista of Soave and the surrounding vine-clad hills and plains.
The soils are moderately deep with a substrate of calcareous rock within one meter of depth with a conglomerate calcareous soil. The texture is light clay on the surface and more clayey in depth, while the PH of the soil is moderately alkaline.

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