Google Earth Position:

45° 27’ 21.62 N
11° 16’ 05.70 E

Commune maps included: Monteforte F4

Toponyms: Anguane, Mezzavilla, Rugate Fondello, Castellaro

This volcanic cone, located to the north of the clas- sico area is the most explicit testimony of a territory characterized by an intense volcanic activity thou- sands of years ago. It presents moderately fine soils. The stony soil of basaltic origin is very evident. The toponym originates from human settlements that faded in the mists of time. It could refer to an ancient castle in ruins but more probably originates from “castellarium” or the peripheral enclosure that characterized a building with palisades.
These references are frequent not only in the Val d’Alpone but also in other areas. From a climatic point of view, the precipitations are above aver- age for the denomination and the daily tempera- ture ranges are not excessive.

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