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45° 26’ 07.09 N
11° 15’ 06.18 E

Commune maps included: Soave F15-16-21

Toponyms: F15 Casetta, Colombare, Rovaro, Colombara F16 Casetta, Rovaro,Foscarino, Cà Visco, Tovi F21 Rovaro, Tovi, Praisoni,Bognolo Montebasso, Mondello,Pigno, Ponsara

This geographical unit makes a synthesis of several sub-areas historically singled out individually.
In fact, it draws in the hillside ranges facing south and west of the municipality of Soave, that from Sengialta, descend towards the medieval town. There are almost 100 hectares of total surface almost entirely planted, characterized by mainly volcanic soils, especially in the easternmost slopes with some clearly calcareous matrix outcrops, mainly to
the south, in Mondello.
In the northern part, the texture is light-clay with a prevalence of sediments of basaltic origin, the slopes are variable but can reach more than 25%. The stratified compact limestone rocks instead distinguish the southern part. Here the slopes are mild- er and vary by 5% to 15%. Both rainfall and temperature ranges are in the average.

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