Google Earth Position:

45° 27’ 15.13 N

Commune maps included: Monteforte F8-9-27 28-30-32

Toponyms:  F8 Molinetto, Costalunga, Carassa F9 Cà Peraro, Bacco, Ceresare

The basalt matrix is quite evident in this area, dry walls and building materials for houses and other artefacts dot the entire landscape.
Here the gradient of the slopes is more attenuated. It is a narrow chain of hills that flows down into the Alpone valley, heading east.
ed, tongue-like shape.
Costalunga is also part of the municipality of Mon- teforte d’Alpone and has always been a point of reference for many quality companies in the area. The soils are quite deep with loamy to clayey-loamy texture.
This toponym originates precisely from its elongat

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