Google Earth Position:

45° 26’ 40.75 N
11° 13’ 42.32 E

Commune maps included: Soave F7-10-1

Toponyms: F7 Lavandaro, Giare, Ghiselle, Battocchi F10 Cerceni, Cercini, Battocchi, Catti Furbi, Siviero, Carniga, Carcera F11 Cercini, Campagnola, Catti, Mari Preare, Carniga

Costeggiola, a district of Soave, from a pedological point of view has a distinctive and prevalently lime- stone origin.
At the highest altitudes gradients are steep with moderately deep soils due to the presence of compact limestone rock within 100 cm. The texture is lightly clayey on the surface and clayey in depth. In the lower part of the slopes, there are instead de- posits of the same material that constitute the rich and deep soils.
Here, too, the vine is almost always cultivated in Veronese pergola with small trellised fields. Howev- er, there are a number of vineyards cultivated with other vine-training systems.
Over the last 20 years, this area has recorded a very high average rainfall, close to 1000 mm of rain per year.

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