Google Earth Position:
45° 27’ 26,42 N
11° 15’ 08,26 E

Commune maps included: Soave F6-9-12-13

Toponyms: F6 Meggiano, Porcara, Cavecchie
Rompizocco, Camilla F9 Camille, Tremenalto, Monte Fondello F12 Becco, Lombelli, Costa, Tebaldi, Padelli, Casetta F13 Becco, Costa, Tebaldi, Casoni, Colombare, Rovaro

This is undoubtedly the geographic unit character- ized by an absolute presence of soils of volcanic or- igin. The terrain is steep to very steep with the pres- ence of basaltic fragments to a depth of 100 cm. The texture is fine or with neutral or slightly alkaline stony basalts. The total surface area is 190 Ha, but only 75 Ha are planted with vines. The remaining hectares are woods and hillsides dense with vast and varied vegetation.
The vineyards mostly face south to southwest and the slope gradients vary from 10% to 30%.
The last few years confirm Fittà as one of the rainiest areas of Soave and also the area with the highest average temperatures. The toponym most likely comes from the word “rented land”.

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