Google Earth Position:

45° 26’ 37.85 N
11° 10’ 52.44 E

Commune maps included: Illasi F27-29

Toponyms: F27 Forziello per la Calle, S. Giustina F29 Torcolo

The Paradise geographical unit is found in the terraced cones of the lessine torrents, in areas with al- luvial deposits.
The slope gradients are nearly flat (2% – 5%) while the altitudes are between 70 and 130 meters above sea level. The surface stonyness is generally high or very high, and superficial removal techniques are commonly used to facilitate cultivation and mechanization.
The substrate consists of calcareous alluvial sediments with a sandy-gravelly texture.
The prevalent land uses are vineyard, orchard, and arable land. The prevalent soil profile is extremely calcareous to a depth of about 50 cm, and is of a dark yellowish brown color, with a pebbly to gravelly texture and moderately to strongly alkaline. From sandy loam, the texture becomes gradually grainy to extremely stony the deeper the soil. The permeability is high; drainage is good, but the water capacity available to plants is poor.
The depth of soil, vital to the roots of the plants, ranges from low to moderate, that is, from 50 to 100 cm due to the high content of stones.

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