Google Earth Position:

45° 26’ 27.36 N
11° 15’ 48.53 E

Commune maps included: Monteforte F17

Toponyms: Chiavica, Capitello, Salvarenza Fontana, Palustrello, Pissarotto Monte Riondo, M. Froscà

It is one of the smallest units of the Soave Classico but has an almost barycentric position between Monteforte and Soave. Indeed, even then it was one of the most highly regarded areas. Records from the early 1900’s, show that winemakers competed to achieve the same high prices paid for the grapes coming from “PRAISONI”. From an etymological point of view it means “small meadow”, and lays witness to the many micro-plots of land that existed in this part of the district.
The soils are deep and workable up to 60 / 70cm clay with very few stones and exclusively basaltic in composition. There is little slope and mediocre drainage which reduces the availability of water for the vine.
This affects the production parameters that deviate from the average values, lower yields and cluster weights. These values are offset by sugar values slightly above average. To all this, is the added value of the landscape that beyond the harmonious vineyards, opens to views of the vineyards in the valley and the volcanic hills of the Euganeans off in the distance.

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