Google Earth Position:

45° 27’ 01.94 N
11° 15’ 52.27 E

Commune maps included: Monteforte F4

Toponyms: Anguane, Mezzavilla, Rugate Fondello, Castellaro

It is perhaps the most evocative vaulted amphitheater of the classical area with an areale of a soft and enveloping shape. The vineyards face south / east and north / east. The name however seems to derive from the rough appearance of the rocks that distinguish it. The soil is completely of volcanic origin arranged in “ciglioni” or small terracing supported by dry walls.
The soil is moderately deep with clayey texture on the surface and more silty in depth. The zone is well-ventilated during the summer, and both temperatures and rainfall fall within the average.
The zone is rich with biodiversity. Thickets and hedges flank both sides of the area.

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