Google Earth Position:

45° 25’ 27.54 N
11° 15’ 16.79 E

Commune maps included: Soave F25-26-32

Toponyms: F25 Calantiga, Mondello, Rocca, Antane,
Capitello della Tenda, Pianure, San Giorgio, Cengelle Bassano, Viatelle
F26 Ponsara, Rocca, Pigno, Porcara, Capitello della Ten- da, Vaccara, Fusello, La Ferra, Santa Croce
F32 Pianure, Cengelle,Viatelle, Cengetti, Sengetto,
San Lorenzo

This new toponym combines the two distinct areas of Rocca and Monte Tondo.
Similar pedological and climatic conditions have suggested combining this range into a single geo- graphical unit. It is the iconic medieval castle of Soave that identifies the landscape, yet the volcanic matrix is misssing. It deviates from other zones due to its peculiar limestone character (it is certainly the area with more dry walls of the whole denomination; recently rediscovered in Sereole) and from coniferous woods including pines and cypresses that define this as the geographical unit with the highest specific biodiversity.
The westernmost area is on moderate slopes with modest soil depths; the structure is clearly a calcareous conglomerate. Further west, in the Monte Tondo area the slopes are even less marked with deeper soils. The texture is mostly clayey. Climatically the area is among the hottest and most exposed of the appellation. Rescue irrigation is essential.

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