Google Earth Position:

45° 24’ 57.37 N
11° 16’ 31.59 E

Commune maps included: Monteforte F21

Toponyms: Rovaro, Tovi, Praissoni, Bognolo Montebasso, Mondello, Pigno, Ponsara

The reference to the toponym perhaps indicates a fluctuating, stilted silhouette of the hill seen from the south. In fact, it defines the boundary of the Soave Classico in this part of the territory. This area has deep soils with loamy clay texture characterized by particularly basaltic matrixes to the east; while flowing towards the west, the evidence of limestone origin becomes more and more evident with the many drystone walls. This area is well-studied by paleontologists due to the numerous and very old testimonies of organ- ized primitive communities.
The area is characterized by groves of various essences that make the slope very dynamic.
The almost exclusive southern exposure, from a climatic point of view, strongly influences the characteristics of the wines, especially in very hot years.

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