Google Earth Position:

45° 28’ 31.65 N
11° 07’ 53.59 E

Commune maps included: Mezzane F22

Toponyms: Ponte di Malavicina, Il Brolo, Fenile
Leon Brazzarolo, Paglierino, Casoni, Bellette

We are in the Municipality of Mezzane di Sotto and this geographical unit, precisely for its positioning, has unique climatic and pedological tendencies compared to the rest of the denomination. We are in the terraced conoids of the mezzano progno, at 120 mt s.l.m but the slopes are almost non-existent. The main soils of this unit are extremely calcareous and moderately alkaline.
The soil depth, from 30 to 50 cm, is of yellowish brown color with loamy clay texture. Deeper down, the color is dark yellowish with scattered stones; the texture is loamy-clayey gravel.
From a climatic point of view, the area benefits from the cool temperatures that come down from Lessinia, but the rainfall is scarce and the ability to retain water is very low. Relief irrigation is important. The toponym seems to derive from “brolo” of Celtic origin, that is, a vegetable garden or park, but also from “wood or planted place” belonging to a farmhouse surrounded by a wall or hedge.

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