Google Earth Position:

45° 26’ 21.64 N
11° 16’ 47.03 E

Commune maps included: Monteforte F11

Toponyms: Monte Grande, Cost’Alta, Cassabizza Onare, Cervia, Casa Nuova

Evident in the toponym, this area is well known for exposure and altimetry. Indeed, it bears witness to its historicity as one of the most suitable and therefore most desirable areas for high quality viticulture. The soils typical of this geographical unit are absolutely deep basaltic, workable up to 60-70 cm, clay and without stones.
However, they are low permeability soils with medi- ocre drainage and where water is only available to a depth of one meter.
The slopes are not particularly steep and the land- scape is drawn above all by the small picturesque plots of pergola soavese that define a very homogeneous and characterizing identity.
Early germination and late ripening are the two distinctive characteristics of the vines in this area.

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