Google Earth Position:

45° 26’ 46.08 N
11° 16’ 17.79 E

Commune maps included: Monteforte F6-7

Toponyms: F6 Sella, Carbonare, Costa, Magnavacche, Boschetto F7 Magnavacche, Casotti, Rogazioni, Ospitale, Palù

The geographical unit Coste, in its new delimitation, also includes the area previously referred to as “Bo- schetti”. It represents the best synthesis of a very ho- mogeneous range, that although exposed to the north-north-east, is one of the most densely planted zones of the Soave Classico. The conformation of its slopes and exposures define wines that are particularly fresh and dynamic.
The characteristics of the soils are very similar to those of the Costalta cru even though the exposures are different. The origin is absolutely volcanic,
the slopes are not very steep and the clayey-silty texture of the soil, runs through the entire area. The pH is neutral and the volcanic matrix is present both on the surface and in depth.
The mainly northerly exposure and the numerous “groves” rich in native species, are proof that the presence of vines is more recent. From a pivotal aerial view, the pergola dominates the landscape, making Coste a true icon of Soave’s identity.

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