Google Earth Position:

45° 25’ 08.99 N
11° 16’ 18.54 E

Commune maps included: Monteforte F21

Toponyms: Rovaro, Tovi, Praissoni, Bognolo Montebasso, Mondello, Pigno, Ponsara

Almost squeezed between Froscà and Zoppega, this geographical unit for positioning, exposure and pedological origin is a link between the two souls of Soave, the calcareous and the basaltic. The hillside vineyards looking to the north produce fresher wines while the vineyards planted on the highly exposed summit tend to produce rounder and warmer wines, especially in drought years.
The soils are mainly of basaltic origin, with a brownish red color and with a loamy clay texture, not calcareous and substantially neutral.
From the point of view of the landscape, the summit along the scenic hiking route of the 10 capitelli provide stunning views of both Froscà and Foscarino.

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